Vol 33-3





Section I


Special Issue

The Learner in Engineering Education


Guest Editors

Nestor Arana Arexolaleiba—Mondragon University, Spain

Aida Guerra—Aalborg University, Denmark

Anette Kolmos—Aalborg University, Denmark

Erik de Graaff—Aalborg University, Denmark

Rui M. Lima—University of Minho, Portugal


Ahmad Ibrahim




Nestor Arana-Arexolaleiba, Aida Guerra Anette Kolmos, Erik de Graaff and Rui Lima

Guest Editorial I



Feng-Kuang Chiang

Guest Editorial II



Evangelia Triantafyllou, Olga Timcenko and Morten Misfeldt

Mathematics Learning by Programming in a Game Engine: Development of Knowledge and Student Motivation



Ole Ravn and Lars Bo Henriksen

Engineering Mathematics in Context—Learning University Mathematics Through Problem Based Learning



Liliana Fernández-Samacá, José M. Ramírez Scarpetta, Oscar O. Rodríguez and Edinson Franco Mejía

PBL Model for Single Courses of Control Education



Wan Hamiza Wan Muhd Zin, Anthony Williams and William Sher

Introducing PBL in Engineering Education: Challenges Lecturers and Students Confront



Javier García-Martín and Jorge E. Pérez-Martínez

Method to Guide the Design of Project Based Learning Activities Based on Educational Theories



Carlos Efrén Mora, Beatriz Añorbe-Díaz Antonio M. González-Marrero, Jorge Martín-Gutiérrez and Brett D. Jones

Motivational Factors to Consider when Introducing Problem- Based Learning in Engineering Education Courses



Ronald Ulseth and Bart Johnson

Self-Directed Learning Development in PBL Engineering Students



B. Johnson and R. Ulseth

Student Experience for the Development of Professional Competencies in a Project-Based Learning Curriculum



José Dinis-Carvalho and Sandra Fernandes

Applying Lean Concepts to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Findings from a Pilot Study



André Seixas De Novais, Messias Borges Silva and Jorge Muniz Jr.

Strengths, Limitations and Challenges in the Implementation of Active Learning in an Undergraduate Course of Logistics Technology



Jette Egelund Holgaard, Aida Guerra, Anette Kolmos and Lone Stub Petersen

Getting a Hold on the Problem in a Problem-Based Learning Environment



Jens Myrup Pedersen, José Manuel Gutierrez Lopez, Marite Kirikova, Łukasz Zabłudowski and Jaume Comellas

Motivations and Outcomes: A study of an Intensive International Course





Section II

Special Issue

Selected papers from STEM 2016 Conference, Beijing, China

Guest Editor

Feng-Kuang Chiang—Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China


Feng-Kuang Chiang, Shizhe Diao, Haotian Ma and Yujun Wang

Effects of Hands-on Inquiry-Based Learning Using LEGO1 Materials on the Learning of Eighth-Grade Physics Students



Tantan Dong, Yingying Zhang and Feng-Kuang Chiang

The Study of Teaching Mode in Building Blocks Based on K’NEX



Selline Ooko, Festus K. Beru, Samson M. Nashon, David Anderson and Elizabeth Namazzi

Contextualized Science Teaching and Student Performance: The Case of a Kenyan Girls Science Class



Yang Dan, Xiaolin Zhang and Luyao Wang

The Teaching Case Design of STEM Based on the Environment of Combining Museum and School—Water Resources Project



Pratim Sengupta and Marie-Claire Shanahan

Boundary Play and Pivots in Public Computation: New Directions in STEM Education




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