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Contributions in: Conceptual Understanding, Engineering Design, Emotions, Student Perception, Student Veteran, Educational Technology, Capstone Design, Personality Traits, Aquaponics, Persistence, Classroom Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Female Students, Building Information Modelling, Enrollment Patterns, Retention, Motivation, Engineer Identity, Gender Differences, Quality Function, Capstone Courses, Team Estimation Game, Cost Analysis, Verbal Feedback, Gateway Courses, Tutoring Systems, Teaching Quality, Collaborative Projects, Self-Study Platforms


* Titles preceded by asterisk are open access

Ahmad Ibrahim




Nicole P. Pitterson, Natasha Perova-Mello and Ruth A. Streveler

*Engineering Students’ Use of Analogies and Metaphors: Implications for Educators



Suzanne H. Jones, Brett D. Campbell and Idalis Villanueva

*An Investigation of Self-Efficacy and Topic Emotions in Entry-Level Engineering Design Learning Activities



Aman Yadav, Vivian Alexander and Swati Mehta

Case-based Instruction in Undergraduate Engineering: Does Student Confidence Predict Learning?



Catherine Mobley, Joyce B. Main, Catherine

E. Brawner, Susan M. Lord and Michelle M. Camacho

*Pride and Promise: The Enactment and Salience of Identity Among First-Generation Student Veterans in Engineering



Victor H. Benitez, Jesus Pacheco, María E. Anaya and L. C. Félix-Herrán

Solar Tracking System: An Educational Tool to Introduce Mechatronics Engineering to Renewable Energy Studies



Issam Damaj and Jibran Yousafzai

Effective Assessment of Student Outcomes in Computer Engineering Programs using a Minimalistic Framework



Naser Hourieh, Yi Ding, Qian Wang, John Craven and Eric Chen

General Personality Traits of Engineering Students and Their Relationship with Academic Achievement

Aleksandar Vujovic, Petar Todorovic, Miladin Stefanovic, Arso Vukicevic, Mina

Vaskovic Jovanovic, Ivan Macuzic and Nikola Stefanovic

The Development and Implementation of an Aquaponics Embedded Device for Teaching and Learning Varied Engineering Concepts

Matthew Meyer and Ning Fang

*A Qualitative Case Study of Persistence of Engineering Undergraduates



Ryan Falkenstein-Smith, Jeongmin Ahn and Ryan J. Milcarek

Reinvigorating Classroom Engagement and Performance in an Advanced Energy Systems Course

Ali Rizwan, Hemaid Alsulami, Nabilah Elnahas, Maha Bashir, Fatema Bawareth, Rawan Kamrani and Razan Noorelahi

Impact of Emotional Intelligence on the Academic Performance and Employability of Female Engineering Students in Saudi Arabia

Joosung Lee, Byeol Kim and Yonghan Ahn

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology Education for the Needs of Industry in Developing Countries



David Reeping, David B. Knight, Jacob R Grohs and Scott W. Case.

*Visualization and Analysis of Student Enrollment Patterns in Foundational Engineering Courses

Lorenzo Salas-Morera, M.a Antonia Cejas-Molina, José L. Olivares-Olmedilla,

Laura García-Hernández and

Juan M. Palomo-Romero

Factors Affecting Engineering Students Dropout: A Case Study



Joni M. Lakin, Virginia A. Davis and

 Edward W. Davis

Predicting Intent to Persist from Career Values and Alignment for Women and Underrepresented Minority Students

Adnan Aktepe

Application of Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment Model, Group

Decision Making and Choquet Integral to Improve Service Quality in Engineering Education



Marko Poženel and Tomaž Hovelja

A Comparison of the Planning Poker and Team Estimation Game: A Case Study in Software Development Capstone Project Course



John R. Haughery and D. Raj Raman

Incremental Cost Analysis of First-Year Course Innovations



Ada Hurst and Oscar G. Nesoli

*Comparing Instructor and Student Verbal Feedback in Design Reviews of a Capstone Design Course: Differences in Topic and Function



So Yoon Yoon, P. K. Imbrie, Teri Reed and Kristi J. Shryock

Identification of the Engineering Gateway Subjects in the Second-Year Engineering Common Curriculum

Qinbo Li and Sheng-Jen Hsieh

*An Intelligent Tutoring System for Computer Numerical Control Programming




Abdelhakim Abdelhadi and Mohammad Nurunnabi

Engineering Student Evaluation of Teaching Quality in Saudi Arabia





José Miguel Blanco, César Domínguez, Ana Sánchez, Arturo Jaime and Jónathan Heras

Managing Telecollaboration among Engineering Students and Faculty: A Case Study from Two Spanish Universities



David Baneres and Robert Clarisó

Evaluation of a New Self-Study Platform for Introductory Digital Systems



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