Vol 35, No. 6





Contributions in: Life Long Learning, Constructive Approach, STEM, Invention,

Creativity, e-Learning, Innovation, Curriculum Design, Academic Performance,

Flipped Classroom, PBL, Design Teams, Additive Manufacturing, Cooperative Learning,

Blended Learning, Teaching Workshop, Lean Construction, Medical Devices, Robotics,

Engagement, Aptitude Test, Motivation, Communication Skills



Ahmad Ibrahim




Francisco Falcone, Ana Vazquez Alejos, Javier García Cenoz and Antonio Lopez-Martin

*Implementation of Higher Education and Life Long Learning Curricula based on University-Industry Synergic Approach

Rejhan Nišić, Edis Mekić and Emir Pećanin

Constructive Development of Physical Laboratory Exercises Without Manual as an Attitude Changing Approach

Feng-Kuang Chiang, Liyan Wang,

Jingjing Zhang, Xiaomei Yan,

Yehong Yang and Li Chen

Mapping STEM Education from 25 Years of NSF-Funded Projects



Valeriy Likholetov and Sergei Aliukov

Problems in Engineering Education, Engineering and Invention



Yasemin Tekmen-Araci and Blair Kuys

*The Impact of Excessive Focus on Performance During Engineering Design Process on Creativity



Maria Assumpció Rafart, Andrea Bikfalvi, Josep Soler and Jordi Poch

Impact of Using Automatic E-Learning Correctors on Teaching Business Subjects to Engineers

Catherine T. Amelink, Kirsten A. Davis and Bevlee Watford

*Learning Experiences that Facilitate Innovation and Workforce Preparation: Exploring the Impact of In-Class and Extracurricular Activities

Teresa Redomero, Valeria Caggiano, Jose-Luis Poza-Lujan and Vincenzo Antonio Piccione

Fostering and Assessing Soft Skills of Engineering Students



Paul Bazelais, David John Lemay and Tenzin Doleck

The Effects of Testing on Academic Outcomes of College Students in an Electricity and Magnetism Course

L. Moreno-Ruiz, D. Castellanos-Nieves, B. Popescu Braileanu, E. J. González- González, José Luis Sánchez-De La Rosa, C. L. O. Groenwald and C. S. González-González

Combining Flipped Classroom, Project-Based Learning, and Formative Assessment Strategies in Engineering Studies

Shun Takai and Marcos Esterman

A Review of Team Effectiveness Models and Possible Instruments for Measuring Design-Team Inputs, Processes, and Outputs



Gustavo Capilla-González, Héctor Plascencia-Mora, Israel Martı´nezRamírez, Valentina Arévalo-Arredondo and Josué U. Villalpando-Hernández

A Comparative Study of the Impact of Using Additive Manufacturing as a Learning Tool on the Multi-View Drawing of Geometrical Components

Josh Tenenberg

Factors Affecting Free Riding on Teams: Implications for Engineering Education



Larisa Olesova and Dazhi Yang

Engineering Students’ Cognitive Learning and Perceptions in a Blended Learning Course



Nick A. Stites, Edward Berger, Jennifer DeBoer and Jeffrey F. Rhoads

*A Cluster-Based Approach to Understanding Students’ Resource-Usage Patterns in an Active, Blended, and Collaborative Learning Environment

Allen C. Estes, Stephen J. Ressler, Camilla M. Saviz, Brock E. Barry, Carol L. Considine, Norman D. Dennis, Jr., Scott R. Hamilton, David S. Hurwitz, Tanya Kunberger, Thomas A. Lenox, Tonya Nilsson, James J. O’Brien, Jr., Robert J. O’Neill, David A. Saftner, Kelly Salyards, Ronald W. Welch, Dion K. Coward and Leslie E. Nolen

*The ASCE ExCEEd Teaching Workshop: Assessing 20 Years of Instructional Development



Dilsen Kuzucuoglu, Bilal Umut Ayhan and Onur Behzat Tokdemir

Integrating Lean Construction into the Civil Engineering Curriculum



Licia Di Pietro, Ermes Botte, Riccardo Granati, Stefano Moroni, Matilde Tomasi, Giovanni Vozzi and Carmelo De Maria

Teaching Design Standards and Regulations on Medical Devices Through a Collaborative Project-Based Learning Approach

Sheng-Jen (‘‘Tony’’) Hsieh

*Development and Evaluation of Remote Virtual Teach Pendant for Industrial Robotics Education



Denise R. Simmons, Nathaniel J. Hunsu and Olusola O. Adesope

*Enabling Multi-Dimensional Measurement of Student Engagement in Engineering Learning Environments



Diana Bairaktarova and David Reeping

*Development and Psychometrics of a Freely Available Mechanical Aptitude Test



Antoni Perez-Poch, Fermín Sánchez-Carracedo, Nu´ria Salán and David López

Cooperative Learning and Embedded Active Learning Methodologies1 for Improving Students’ Motivation and Academic Results



John R. Haughery, D. Raj Raman, Joanne K. Olson and Steven A. Freeman

*Robots, Motivation, and Academic Success



Javier Senent-Aparicio, Patricia Jimeno- Sáez, Mauricio Arias, Leonard O’Driscoll, Julio Pe´rez-Sánchez, Loreto León, Francisco J. Alcalá and David Pulido-Velázquez



Preparation of Technical Posters as a Tool to Improve Transversal Competences of Civil Engineering Studies


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