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Special Issue

Good Practices for Emergency Situations and Remote Regions – Part 2


Guest Editors

Andrés Díaz Lantada – Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales,

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

José Luis Martín Núñez – Instituto de Ciencias de la Educación,

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain




Ahmad Ibrahim

Guest Editorial

Andrés Díaz Lantada and José Luis Martín Núñez

Responsive Educational Transformations During Emergency Situations: Collaborative Autoethnography Applied to the

Engineering Classroom

Lisa B. Bosman, Ebisa Wollega and Usman Naeem

Distance Learning: Should We Go Interactive At Any Cost?

Ivan Pinćjer, Ivana Tomić, Savka Adamović and Nada Miketić

Can In-Home Laboratories Foster Learning, Self-Efficacy, and Motivation During the COVID-19 Pandemic? – A Case Study in Two Engineering Programs

Jonathan Álvarez Ariza

Teaching Computer Science and Computer Engineering During COVID-19 Lockdown at the Pakistani Universities

Muhammad Khalid Shaikh, Tahseen A. Jilani and Kamran Ahsan

Impact of COVID-19 on the Teaching and Learning of a Graphic Engineering Course

Rosó Baltà-Salvador, Noelia Olmedo-Torre, Luis Eduardo Mujica and Marta Peña

Exploring the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Lives of Engineering Students at San José State University, USA Patricia Ryaby Backer and Maria Chierichetti

Undergraduate Student Opinions on Emergency Remote Teaching during COVID-19 Pandemic. A Case Study

Gádor Indra Hidalgo, Fermín Sánchez-Carracedo and Daniel Romero-Portillo

The Transition from In-class to Online Lectures During a Pandemic: Understanding the Student Experience

Leanne A. Grieves, James Mckendry, Nasim Muhammad and Seshasai Srinivasan

Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Engineering Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Aziz Shekh-Abed and Nael Barakat

Online Learning Perceptions amid COVID-19 Pandemic: The Engineering Undergraduates’ Perspective

Meltem Eryilmaz, Guler Kalem, Hurevren Kilic, Guzin Tirkes, Damla Topalli, Cigdem Turhan, Burcu Alakus and Ali Yazici

Evaluating Technological Acceptance of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) in an Emergency Remote Situation

Luis Magdiel Oliva-Córdova, Antonio Garcia-Cabot, Sonia Alejandra Recinos-Fernández, Maylin Suleny Bojórquez-Roque and Héctor R. Amado-Salvatierra

Hybrid PBL Teaching Practice under COVID-19 Impact – A Case Study

Shi-Jer Lou, Chuang-Yeh Huang, Yuh-Ming Cheng and Chih-Chao Chung


Section II

Contributions in: Mechatronics, Multidisciplinary Design, Supply Chain, Industry 4.0,

Student Research, Database Management, Teacher Experiences, STEM,

Teachers Perceptions, Design Thinking, Empathy, Engineering Identity, PBL,

Case-Based Learning, Biotechnology, 3D Printing Course, Creativity


Applying Graphical Representation Method in Teaching Mechatronics Problems in Industrial Automation to Undergraduates – A Case Study

Julio Garrido, David Santos, Diego Silva and Enrique Riveiro

Current Trends in Supply Chain Training Programs in the Context of Industry 4.0 Technologies

Lei Xie, Malini Natarajarathinam, Michael D. Johnson and Shaoping Qiu

Literature Searching/Compiling/Understanding for Support of Student Research/Projects: A Dedicated Course Approach Thomas K. Gaylord and Bette M. Finn

Primary and Middle School Teacher Experiences of Integrated STEM Education in China: Challenges and Opportunities Qianru Lyu, Feng-Kuang Chiang and James Davis

Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions of Engineering Education: A Survey Study in Taiwan

Pao-Nan Chou and Wei-Fan Chen

Creating Space for Empathy: Perspectives on Challenges of Teaching Design Thinking to Future Engineers Diana Bairaktarova and Donald Plumlee

Students’ Views on Sources of Engineering Identity Development in a Collaborative PBL Environment

Juebei Chen, Xiangyun Du and Anette Kolmos

*Effect of Case-Based Learning (CBL) on Student Performance in Engineering Biotechnology Education

Faiez Alani, Fei Geng, Mae Toribio and Rehmat Grewal

Development and Assessment of a 3D Printing Course for Technical High School Students

Yun-Hsuan Chu, Chih-Chao Chung, Ru-Chu Shih and Shi-Jer Lou

Investigating How Early-Career Engineering Faculty Perceive the Role Creativity Should Play in Engineering Education

Hao He, Johannes Strobel, Suzanne Burgoyne, Joshua Saboorizadeh, Heather K. Hunt and Ferris Michael Pfeiffer

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