Vol 38 No. 5A





Contributions in:

Software Architecture, Chemical Engineering, STEM, Internet of Things,

Industry 4.0, Mathematics, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering,

Industrial Engineering, Assessment, Doctoral Students, Engineering Ambassadors,

Leadership, Team-Based Learning, PBL, Postdoctoral Training, Engineering Identity,

Research Assistants, Remote Labs, Study Habits, Advisory Board, Distance Learning,

Motivation, Problem Solving, Self-Regulated Learning, Gamification, Active Learning



Ahmad Ibrahim

Application of Voice Assistant Technology to Teaching Software Architecture Design: A Case Study of Amazon’s Alexa

Miloš Milić, Dušan Savić, Ilija Antović, Vojislav Stanojević and Siniša Vlajić

Impact of Customized Exercises on Homework Copying Among Undergraduate Engineering Students

Min Zhang, Xiaoying Zhu, Shi Wang, Yuling Fan and Xiangfu Meng

Choosing a Doctoral Advisor: A Study of Chemical Engineering Students’ Perspectives Using Basic Needs Theory

Mayra S. Artiles and Holly M. Matusovich

Validation of the Ambassador Questionnaire for Undergraduate Students Conducting Engineering Outreach

Melissa G. Kuhn, Shanan Chappell Moots and Joanna K. Garner

Development and Assessment of Transformational Leadership Skills Through Team-Based Learning

Wenfang Liu, Haiyan Xie, Raja R. A. Issa and John Awaitey

The Design of a Postgraduate Vocational Training Programme to Enhance Engineering Graduates’ Problem Solving Skills Through PBL

Ourania Miliou, Andri Ioannou, Yiannis Georgiou, Ioannis Vyrides, Nikos Xekoukoulotakis, Søren Willert, Andreas Andreou, Panayiotis Andreou, Konstantinos Komnitsas, Panayiotis Zaphiris and Stylianos Yiatros

Postdoctoral Supervisors’ Expectations of the Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes Required for and Developed During Postdoctoral Training

Matthew Bahnson, Catherine G. P. Berdanier and Monique Ross

Applying Project-Based Learning and an Integrated Laboratory Platform to Teach Internet of Things Liang Zhao, Shaocheng Qu and Shuifa Sun

The Many Roles of an Engineering Graduate Student: Exploring How Graduate Students Identify with the Multiple Roles They Assume

Anne M. McAlister, Sarah Lilly, Reid Bailey and Jennifer L. Chiu

Technical and Vocational Education Strategy to Prepare Qualified Professionals for Industry 4.0 – A Case Study

Kung-Jeng Wang and Shu-Hua Yang

Application of Learning Analytics in a Remote Lab Context: A Systematic Literature Review

Carinna Nunes Tulha, Marco Antonio Garcia de Carvalho and Leandro Nunes de Castro

Engineering Students’ Mathematical Self-Concept and its Dependence on Their Study Habits and Views about Mathematics

Timo Tossavainen, Peter Wall and Marcus Sundhäll

Leveraging a Board of Advisors for Continuous Interaction and Improvement: Study of U.S. Military Academy’s Environmental Engineering Major

Michael A. Butkus, Andrew R. Pfluger, Jean M. Andino, Jeffrey A. Starke, Gregory W. Harrington, Philip Dacunto and

Jeffrey Cunningham

Project-Based Learning in a Virtual Setting: A Case Study on Materials and Manufacturing Process and Applied Statistics

Mary Foss, Yucheng Liu and Shantia Yarahmadian

Intersections Between Entrepreneurial Minded Learning, Identity, and Motivation in Engineering

Renee M. Desing, Rachel L. Kajfez, Krista M. Kecskemety and Deborah M. Grzybowski

Applying TRIZ to Enhance Civil Engineering Students’ Ability to Solve Complex Engineering Problems

Li Mao-Guo, Ma Yi-Dan, Zhu Zheng-Wei, Jia Chuan-Guo and Gan Min

Investigating Engineering Students’ Experiences of Self-Regulated Learning in Project-Based Learning Activities

Rongrong Liu, Jiabin Zhu, Wanqi Li, Tongjie Ju and Leyi Chen

Impact of a Gamification Learning System on the Academic Performance of Mechanical Engineering Students

Rosa Pàmies-Vilà, Albert Fabregat-Sanjuan, Joan Puig-Ortiz, Lluïsa Jordi Nebot and Antoni Hernández Fernández

Making the Abstract Concrete: A Project-Based Laboratory Activity on Concrete Manufacturing for Civil Engineering Students

Enrique del Rey Castillo and Claire Donald

Industry 4.0 Technologies in Industrial Engineering Courses: A Faculty Survey in Brazil

Mary Anny M. S. Lemstra, Eric Alberto Quinaglia and Marco Aurélio de Mesquita

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