Section I

Special Issue

Mould Breaking Responses to the Unprecedented Challenges

in Engineering Education

Guest Editors

Gail Krantzberg, Faiez Alani, and Seshasai Srinivasan

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada



Ahmad Ibrahim

Guest Editorial

Gail Krantzberg, Faiez Alani, and Seshasai Srinivasan

An Investigation into the Current Status and Importance of Sustainability Education for Designers and Engineers

Emelia Delaney and Wei Liu

Exploring the Effects of Variations in the Timing of a Sustainable Design Educational Intervention

Mohammad Alsager Alzayed, Elizabeth Starkey and Rohan Prabhu

* Perspectives of Advanced Biotechnology Undergraduates on the Effect of Case-Based Learning on their Individual Academic Achievements

Faiez Alani and Rehmat Grewal

* Sustainability and Ethicality are Peripheral to Students’ Software Design

Siara Isaac, Aditi Kothiyal, Pierluca Borsò and Bryan Ford

Community-Student-Faculty Partnership: A Model for Learning via Deep Engagement with the Community

Andrea Hemmerich, Avani K Mehta, Janet Kasperski and Robert Fleisig

Factors Influencing Career Choice, Perceived Discrimination, and Segregation of Foreign-Born Engineering Undergraduates

Rosó Baltà-Salvador, Marta Peña, Noelia Olmedo-Torre and Ruoshi Wang

Analysis of the Ability of ‘Understanding’ in Support of its Measurability

Rayapati Subbarao


Section II

Contributions in: Critical Thinking, Sustainability, Reflection Ability, Electronics

Engineering, COVID-19, Anxiety, Online Learning, PBL, Teamwork, Adaptive Teaching,

Multimedia, Problem-Solving Skills, Student Success, Contextual Learning, Motivation,

Belonging, Growth Mindset, Peer Assessment, Graduate Students,

Blended Learning, and Career Pathway


Evaluation of Higher Education Students’ Critical Thinking Skills on Sustainability

Ignacio J. Navarro, José V. Marí and Víctor Yepes

Relationships Between Reflection Ability and Learning Performance of Junior Electronics Engineering Students

 Aziz Shekh-Abed and Yinnon Stav-Satub

Impact of Online Learning on Engineering Students’ Engagement, Anxiety, and Burnout amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sonja Ivančević, Tatjana Ivanović, Milica Maričić and Mladen Čudanov

* A Thematic Analysis of Engineering Students’ Experiences of Teamwork in Problem-Based Learning

Anders Melbye Boelt,** Jette Egelund Holgaard and Anette Kolmos

An Adaptive Methodology for the Improvement of Knowledge Acquisition by a Multimedia Web Tool

Gabriel Cerna Pedro Victor, Antoni Perez-Poch, Francisco Alpiste Penalba and Jordi Torner Ribe

Impact of Prompting Engineering Undergraduates to Reflect on Their Problem-Solving Skills

Shima Salehi, Karen D. Wang, Michael Flynn and Carl Wieman

Institutional Characteristics and Engineering Student Non-Cognitive and Affective (NCA) Profiles

Justin C. Major, Matthew Scheidt, Allison Godwin, Heather Perkins, Sanga Kim, Brian Self, John Chen and Edward Berger

Development of Adaptive Expertise in Engineering Undergraduates through Contextual Computer Aided Design Modeling Activities

Elif Ozturk, Michael D. Johnson, Bugrahan Yalvac and Xiaobo Peng

Impact of a Voluntary Extracurricular Research Program on Engineering Students’ Sense of Belonging:

An Exploratory Case Study

Homero Murzi, Jose Torero, Kevin Sevilla and Joe Gattas

Engineering Faculty’s Mindset and The Impact on Instructional Practices

Fredericka Brown, Katherine E. Pierce, Trina Fletcher, Sung Eun Park and Kelly J. Cross

Peer Assessment for Engineering Design Education: An Exploratory Study

Hyunkyung Lee, Daeun Jung and Hyungjin Kim

Current Trends in Blended and Online Learning

Mahyar Mohammadi, Maria Paasivaara and Jussi Kasurinen

Women Engineering Graduate Students Changing Professional Interests in Academia

Kerry L. Meyers, Victoria Goodrich and Siqing Wei

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