Vol 39 No. 4




Contributions in: Virtual Reality, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Design,

Social Aspects, First-Year Engineering, Entrepreneurial Mind Set, Industrial Automation,

Data Mining, Student Performance, Active Learning, Fluid Mechanics, Critical Thinking,

PBL, Augmented Reality, Online Education, Outreach, Transportation Engineering,

Hybrid Learning, COVID-19, Plagiarism, Intelligent Systems, Clinical Immersion,

Biomedical Engineering, Graduate Advising, Self-Awareness, Oral Presentation,

Communication Tools



Ahmad Ibrahim

Evaluation of an Immersive VR-based Chemical Production Safety Learning Using a Transferable Psychosomatic Approach

Hongfei Xu, Yuanyu Zheng and Jeremy S. Liang

* Investigating an Asynchronous Model for Incorporating Social Aspects of Engineering Work into Engineering Design Courses

Erika A. Mosyjowski, Shanna R. Daly and Steven J. Skerlos

* Development of Survey Instruments to Measure Undergraduate Engineering Students’ Entrepreneurial Mindset:

Connections and Creating Value

Meagan E. Ita, Meg E. West and Rachel L. Kajfez

* Design, Construction, and Evaluation of Portable Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Kit for Industrial Automation and Control Education

Sheng-Jen (‘‘Tony’’) Hsieh

Predicting Academic Performance of Students in a Computer Programming Course using Data Mining

Ivan Peraić and Ani Grubišić

Design, Fabrication, Testing, and Implementation of a Low-Cost Venturi Meter for Hands-on Active Learning

Aminul Islam Khan, Olivia M. Reynolds, David B. Thiessen, Olusola Adesope, Bernard J. Van Wie and Prashanta Dutta

A Validated Assessment Tool: Students’ Perceived Value of Engineering Laboratories in a Virtual Environment

Kimberly Cook-Chennault and Ahmad Farooq

Application of Problem-Based Learning to Promote Critical Thinking Disposition Among Engineering Undergraduates

She-Ping Tian, Li-Juan Wang, Feng Zhang and Tao Han

Application of Augmented Reality in Architectural Education

Staša Zeković, Stanislav Grgić, Igor Maraš, Jelena Atanacković Jeličic´ and Milena Krklješ

Technology in Online Education: The Factors that Influence Student Acceptance and Satisfaction

Cristóbal Fernández-Robin, Noah Silva and Diego Yáñez

Outreach Program for Middle and High School Students to Promote Transportation Engineering

Olivia Willis, Cheryl Reed, Yan Zhang and Xianming Shi

Architectural Engineering Students’ Experiences in a Hybrid Design Studio

Jelena Milošević, Ivana Rakonjac and Andrej Josifovski

Perspective of Malaysian Undergraduate Engineering Students on Academic Plagiarism

Wan Hanna Melini Wan Mohtar, Wan Ikhlas Wan Mohtar, Siti Nur Eliane Suriane Shokri and Huda Abdullah

Automated Intelligent Feedback Based Learning in a Software Development Project Management Course

Juan J. López-Jiménez, José A. García-Berná, Ambrosio Toval, José L. Fernández-Alemán and Ali Idri

Immersion Experiences for Biomedical Engineering Undergraduates: Comparing Strategies and Local Partnerships at Two Institutions

Justin Huber, Steven Higbee, Christina Espinosa, Babak Bazrgari and Sharon Miller

* Exploring the Research Enterprise in a Hispanic-Serving Institution: A Systems Thinking-Informed Case Study of Graduate Advising in an Engineering College

Mayra S. Artiles, Natali Huggins, Holly M. Matusovich and Aidsa I. Santiago

Improving and Assessing Self-Awareness of Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Students: A Case Study from Chile

Rodrigo Pascual, Andrés Pucheu, Nicolás Bravo, Catalina Quiñones and Juan Ross

Improving Oral Presentation Skills of Graduate Engineering Students with Web-based Collaborative Problem-Posing and Self/Peer Assessment

Ai-Jou Pan, Chin-Feng Lai and Pao-Nan Chou

* Assessing the Impact of Communication Instructional Tools and Strategies on the Students’ Learning in the Context of Blended and Online Methodologies

Borja Bordel, Ramón Alcarria and Tomás Robles


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