Volume 18 number 6

Cover and Abstracts


Engineering Education Policy and Research
Viewpoint: Human Rights in the Engineering Curriculum

J.D.G.Foster and J.Uziak
Engineering Education in Botswana

J.D.McCowan and C.K.Knapper
An Integrated and Comprehensive Approach to Engineering Curricula,Part One: Objectives and General Approach

An Integrated and Comprehensive Approach to Engineering Curricula,Part Two:Techniques

An Integrated and Comprehensive Approach to Engineering Curricula,Part Three: Facilities and Staffing

P.Kiat-Pek and K-L.Poh
Formulation of Tutoring Policy for Maximising Student Learning Using a Decision Theoretical Approach

E.K..Ong, F.L.Tan, S.C.Fok
A Pole Balancing Cart on an Unmodelled Terrain

Chemical Engineering
Teaching Residence Time Distribution in the Laboratory

Building and Construction Engineering
N.Kartam and K.Al-Reshaid
Design and Implementation of Web-based Multimedia Techniques for Construction Education

Control Engineering
On Teaching the Simplification of Block Diagrams

A.El-Haj, S.Karaki and K.Kabalan
Graphical Simulation of an Analog Computer Using Spreadsheets

Distance Controlled Laboratories
A Remotely Accessed Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Laboratory for Distance Education

Environmental Engineering
G.I.Broman,S.H.Byggeth and K-H.Robert
Integrating Environmental Aspects in Engineering Education

J.N.Craddock and L.R.Chevalier
Development and Formative Assessment of Web-based Multimedia Labware for an Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Manufacturing Engineering
I.Fidan and A. ElSawi
The Development of a Knowledge Based Engineering Tool for CNC Machining

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
H.Siemund and H.Goebel
A Web Assisted Electronics Course Using the S.m.i.L.E Program

M.N.O.Sadiku,K.Gu and C.N.Obiozor
Regional Monte Carlo Potential Calculations Using Markov Chains