Contents Volume 19 number 4


Special Issue


Guest Editor: Thomas Kurfess



Part I


Mechatronics Education





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Michael Wald



Tom Kurfess
Guest Editorial


The Teaching Philosophy of the REAL Units of a Mechatronic Engineering Degree Program


M.K.Ramasubramanian,M.N.Nooei and G.K.Lee
Evolution of Mechatronics into a Graduate Degree Program in the United States: The NC State University Master of Science Program with Mechatronics Concentration


G.Lim,K.S.Chua and K.Y.Wee
Effects Of Instructional Intervention Strategies On Students At-risk In Engineering Education


R.Scheidl,H.Bremer and K.Schlacher
Mechatronics Education at the Johannes Kepler University - Engineering Education In Its Totality


M.J.E.Salami,N.Mir-Nasiri andM.R.Khan
Development of Mechatronics Engineering Degree Program: Challenges and Prospects


A.Djordjevich and P.K.Venuvinod
Integrating Mechatronics in Manufacturing and Related Engineering Curricula


W.L.Xu and G.Bright
Massey Mechatronics - Designing Intelligent Machines


E.Kolberg,Y.Reich and I.Levin
Project-based High School Mechatronics Course


S.K.Gupta,S.Kumar and L.Tewari
A Design-Oriented Undergraduate Curriculum in Mechatronics Education


M.Grimheden and M.Hanson
Collaborative Learning in Mechatronics with Globally Distributed Teams


Mechatronics for Engineering Education: Undergraduate Curriculum


Teaching Embedded Programming Concepts to Mechanical Engineering Students


S.Persin,B.Tovornik and N.Muskinia
OPC Driven Data Exchange brtween MATLAB and a PLC-controlled System


Mechatronics for the Masses: A Hands-On Project for a Large, Introductory Design Class


J.Petric and Z.Zitum
Inverted Pendulum Driven by Pneumatics


K.Bressler, K.Brucker and M.Nagurka
A Thermal Time-Constant Experiment


Motion Control Demonstration for Easy Student Understanding


A.Al-Habaibeh and R.M.Parkin
Low-Cost Mechatronic Systems for Teaching Condition Monitoring


Aerodynamic Effects in a Simple Ping-Pong Ball Experiment



Part II



Engineering Education Research and Control Engineering



P.P.Parikh,R.Bindu and S.P.Sukhatme
Job Status and Career Profile of Women Engineers in India


H.K.Sardana and P.P.Arya
Training Evaluation of Engineering Students


K.L.Shi,T.F.Chan,Y.K.Wong and S.L.Ho
Modelling and Simulation of Direct Self Control System




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