Volume 20, Number 3




Part I


IJEE Special Issue:  Designing Engineering Education


Guest Editor:  Clive L. Dym



Part II


Contributions on Engineering Education Policy, Visualization,

Assessment in Software Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Electronic Engineering






Clive L. Dym

Guest Editorial

Clive L. Dym

Design, Systems, and Engineering Education

William A. Wulf


Some Thoughts on Engineering as a Humanistic Discipline

EC 2000  A change agent for engineering education?



J. W. Prados

Can ABET Really Make a Difference?

J. F. Volkwein, L. R. Lattuca, P. T. Terenzini, L. C. Strauss and J. Sukhbaatar

Engineering Change:  A Study of the Impact of EC2000


Drivers and Rewards in Engineering Schools



D. N. Wormley

Challenges in Curriculum Renewal

R. H. Todd and S. P. Magleby

Evaluation and Rewards for Faculty Involved in Engineering Design Education

C. L. Magee


Needs and Possibilities for Engineering Education:   One Industrial-Academic Perspective

J. H. McMasters


Influencing Engineering Education:  One [Aerospace] Industry Perspective

Motivating Student Learning and Growth



L. E. Carlson and J. F. Sullivan


Exploiting Design to Inspire Interest in Engineering Across the K-16 Engineering Spectrum

J. Turns, R. S. Adams, A. Linse, J. Martin and C. J. Atman

Bridging from Research to Teaching in Undergraduate Engineering Design Education

D. Ollis


Basic Elements of Multidisciplinary Design Courses and Projects

New Designs for Engineering Education



J. H. McMasters


Biomechanics of Flight:  Many Possible Solutions Looking for Problems

J. E. Colgate, A. McKenna and B. Ankenman

IDEA:  Implementing Design Throughout the Curriculum at Northwestern

D. Grasso, K. M. Callahan and S. Doucett


Defining Engineering Thought

Design as Integrator Across the Curriculum



J. M. Feland III, L. J. Leifer andW. R. Cockayne

Comprehensive Design Engineering:  Designers Taking Responsibility

R. Devon, S. Bilen, A. McKay, A. de Pennington, P. Serrafero and J. Sanchez Sierra

Integrated Design:  What Knowledge is of Most Worth in Engineering Design Education?

W. H. Wood


Decision-Based Design:  A Vehicle for Curriculum Integration


Multi-Scale “Reductionism” Versus “Synthesis”



C. D. Pionke, E. Seat and J. R. Parsons

Analysis vs. Design:  Why the Versus?

Ethos, Ethics and Design in Engineering Education



T. Meijknecht and H. van Drongelen

How is the Spirituality of Engineering Taught or Conveyed?

C. Newman, A. M. Agogino, M. Bauer and J. Mankoff

Perceptions of the Design Process:  An Examination of Gendered Aspects of New Product Development

R. Devon and I. Van der Poel


Design Ethics:  The Social Ethics Paradigm

Summary Paper



C. L. Dym, J. S. Rossmann and S. D. Sheppard

On Designing Engineering Education:  Lessons Learned at MDWIV




Part II


Contributions on Engineering Education Policy, Visualization, Assessment in

Software Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Electronic Engineering


K.Sheppard,P.Dominick and Z.Aronson

Preparing Engineering Students for the New Business Paradigm of International Teamwork and Global Orientation



S.Kolari and C.Savander- Ranne

Visualization Promotes Apprehension and Comprehension



G.G.Mitchell and J.D.Delaney

An Assessment Strategy to Determine Learning Outcomes in a software Engineering Problem- based Learning Course




Procedure to Calculate Deflections of Curved Beams




Ideal operational Amplifiers: a Circuit for which Gain Still Matters



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