Special Issue Series:


Agricultural/Biosystems/Biological Engineering Education


Guest Editors


Linus Opara: Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman


Joel Cuello: University of Arizona



Covers & Abstracts




Part I


Special Issue I


a) Agricultural Engineering and the Emergence of Biological Engineering


M.S.Wald:  Editorial

L.U.Opara and J.L.Cuello:  Guest Editorial





The Making of a New Discipline






DNA of Biological Engineering: An Engineering Discipline






Comparison of ‘Bio’ type Engineering Undergraduate Curricula from Agricultural, Medical and Chemical Origins






The ‘Bio’- type Engineering Name Game






‘Engineering to Biology’ and ‘Biology to Engineering’: The Bi- Directional Connection Between Engineering and Biology in Biological Engineering Design






The Descent of Biological Engineering





B.Y.Tao,D.K.Allen and M.Okos

The Evolution of Biological Engineering






Building an Integrated Undergraduate Biological Engineering Program in an Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department incorporating Student Perspective





L.U.Opara, S.Aldawi and T.Shukeiri

Students’ Perceptions of the Public Image of Agricultural Engineering and their Preferred Name for the Discipline and Degree Title


b)Agricultural Engineering Education in Developing and Transitional Countries




Agricultural Engineering Education in Developing and Transition Countries





A.Senzanje,N.Moyo and I.Samakande

Relevance of Agricultural Engineering Education against the Background of a Changing World- the Case of Southern Africa





S.Fernando,S.Bhushan and M.Naveen

The Need to reform Agricultural Engineering Education in Developing Countries





Y.Tekin,R.Arslan and Y.Ulusoy

 Agricultural Machinery Education in Turkey






Challenges for Bioresources Engineering Education in South Africa





Part II


Papers in Engineering Education Research, Assessment, Design theory, Mechanical Engineering,

 Biomechanics, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Control Engineering



D.Fraser,S.Allison,H.Coombes,J.Case and C.Linder

Using Variation to Enhance Learning in Engineering





M.Ogot and G.E.Okudan

Integrating Systematic Creativity into First- Year Engineering Design Curriculum





D.Chadha and G.Nicholls

Teaching Transferable Skills to Undergraduate Engineering Students: Recognising the Value of embedded and Bolt- on Approaches





T.J.Brumm,L.F.Hanneman ands.K.Mickelson

Assessing and Developing Program Outcomes through Workplace competencies





L.W.Lackey and W.J.Lackey

 Grade Inflation: Potential Causes and Solutions





A.Bejan and S.Lorente

 Design with Constructal Theory





G.A.K.Padmaperuma, S.Ilanko and

D. T.Chen

Opportunities and Challenges in Instructional Design for Teaching the Flexure Formula using a Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy





A.Sweeney, P.Vaidyanathan and S.Seal

Undergraduate Research and Education in Nanotechnology





E.M.Steichen, A.Bhandari, S.L.Hutchinson, L.N.Reddy, D.Steward and L.E.Erickson

 Improving Interdisciplinary Geoenvironmental Engineering Education through  Empowerment Evaluation





C.C.Scott, T.Volz and K.A.Athanasiou

 Learning how to Teach continuum Biomechanics: See One, Do One,Teach One





L.M.Madeira,A.Mendes and F.D.Magahaes

Teaching Laminar Flow Reactors: From Experimentation to CFD Simulation





M.Gokbulut and A.Tekin

An Educational Tool for Neural Network Control of Brushless DC Motors





J.A.Mendez, S.Torres, ,L.Acosta, and M.Sigut and L.Moreno

A Control Engineering Laboratory Based on a Low Cost Linear Plant





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