Contents Vol 25-1


Contributions in: Thermodynamics, Mechanical Engineering,

Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Dynamics,

Electrical Engineering, Education Research







A. Ibrahim, J. Turner




P. Junglas

WATER95-A MATLAB® Implementation of the IAPWS-95 Standard for Use in Thermodynamics Lectures



G. L. Juste, J. L. Montanes and A. Velazquez

Micro-Jet Test Facility for Aerospace Propulsion Engineering Education



P. Kar and J. W. Evans

A MATLAB-Based Teaching Approach to Dilute and Concentrated Solution Theories of Electrochemical Cells



D. Ramirez, S. Martinez, J. Rodriguez, C. Carrero

and M. Blanco

Educational Tool for the Implementation of Electric Drives Control System with Real Time Data Exchange



A. Gelen and S. Ayasun

Realization of Power Electronic Converter Based DC Motor Speed Control Methods Using MATLAB/Simulink



P. Sandborn, J. Myers, T. Barron

and M. McCarthy

Using Teardown Analysis as a Vehicle to Teach Electronic Systems Manufacturing Cost Modelling



B. Blostotsky, E. Efraim and Y. Ribakov

Using a Small-scale Shake Table for Teaching Typical Problems of Structural Dynamics



I. C. Jong

An Alternative Approach to Finding Beam Reactions and Deflections: Method of Model Formulas



P. Colajanni, G. Falsone and A. Recupero

Simplified Formulation of Solution for Beams on Winkler Foundation allowing Discontinuities due to Loads and Constraints



R. Bhatt, C. P. Tang, L-F. Lee and V. Krovi

A Case for Scaffolded Virtual Prototyping Tutorial Case-Studies in Engineering Education



D. Špelic, F. Novak and B. Zalik

Educational Support for Computational Geometry Course - The Delaunay Triangulation Tester



J. M. Munoz-Guijosa, E. B. Paz, M. Fe Verdú-Riós, A. Díaz-Lantada, P. Lafont, J. Echávarri, J. L. Muñoz, H. Lorenzo and J. Muñoz

Application of Process Re-Engineering Methods to Enhance the Teaching- Learning Process in a Mechanical Engineering Department



H. Yavuz and S. Mistokoğlu

Assessment of Transition from Mechanical Engineering to Mechatronics Engineering in Turkey



E. Ralph, K. Walker and R. Wimmer

Practicum-Education Experiences: Post-Interns' Views



J. Uziak

Acceptance of Blackboard Technology by Mechanical Engineering Students at the University of Botswana



A. Yadav and B. E. Barry

Using Case-based Instruction to Increase Ethical Understanding in Engineering: What Do We Know? What Do We Need?



K. M. Y. Law, F. E. Sandnes, H-L. Jian

and Y-P. Huang

A Comparative Study of Learning Motivation among Engineering Students in South East Asia and Beyond



W. Hernandez, I. Argüelles, J. Blanco,

G. Balabasquer, C. Ortiz and E. Gago

Educational Experience of Adaptation of the First-Year Course of the EUIT de Telecomunicacion to the European Higher Education Area



W. Hernandez, J. Palmero, M. Labrador,

A. Alvarez-Vellisco and J. Bonache

Analysis of Results of Application of a Student-Centered Learning System to Improve Performance of First-year Students



R. P. Van Til, M. W. Tracey, S. Sengupta

and G. Fliedner

Teaching Lean with an Interdisciplinary Problem-solving Learning Approach



J. L. Riskowski, C. D. Todd, B. Wee, M. Dark

and J. Harbor

Exploring the Effectiveness of an Interdisciplinary Water Resources Engineering Module in an Eighth Grade Science Course



S. M. Lord

Integrating Effective `Writing to Communicate' Experiences in Engineering Courses: Guidelines and Examples


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