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Part I


Special Issue: COMSOL in Engineering Education


Guest Editor: Jos van Schijndel, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands





Cover and Abstracts



A. Ibrahim




Jos van Schijndel

Guest Editorial



A. J. Baker, S. Sahu, M. A. Grubert and

S. C. Ericson

Getting Smarter about Accuracy Tuning Multi-Physics Simulations



K. K. Bhatia

Application of Finite Element Software to Bridge the Gap between Hand Calculations and Experimental Results in Undergraduate Heat Transfer Education



P. J. Butler

Motivating Undergraduates to Use Their Engineering: Integrating COMSOL Multiphysics and Designs for World Health



R. J. M. Bastiaans

Design Optimization of the Double Glass Problem: Application and Limitations of CFD



E. Holzbecher and C. Kohfahl

The Use of COMSOL Multiphysics in Teaching Groundwater Flow and Transport



M. Fiorentino, G. Monno and A. E. Uva

Interactive `touch and see' FEM Simulation using Augmented Reality



M. K. Smith

Computational Fluid Exploration as an Engineering Teaching Tool



A. W. M. van Schijndel and H. L. Schellen

Teaching Heat and Moisture Transport Modeling for Building Physics Engineering with COMSOL



M. Karahan, H. S. Varol and Ő. Kalenderli

Thermal Analysis of Power Cables Using Finite Element Method and Current-carrying Capacity Evaluation





Part II


Contributions in: Robotics, Simulators, Computing Tools, Video Games,

Visualization, Engineering Education Management, Assessment,

Students' Success, Curriculum Development, and Global Engineering



J. M. A. Reina

Reliability and Flexibility of Peripheral Connections in Robot Assembly Cells



J. J. Marquez, M. L. Martinez, M. Rodriguez and

J. M. Perez

Simulator Development for Active Learning of the Fundamentals of Plastic Injection Moulding



F. Reventós, C. Pretel, L. Batet, J. Izquierdo and

M. Arànega

Teaching Basic Pressurized Water Reactor Core Thermal-Hydraulics Employing Worksheet-Based Exercises



J. Martin-Gutiérrez, J. L. Saorín, N. Martín-Dorta and M. Contero

Do Video Games Improve Spatial Abilities of Engineering Students?





M. Garmendia, J. Guisasola and E. Sierra

Teaching Part-Visualization: an Approach Based on Problem-Solving Strategy Knowledge



E. A. Danilova and Z. J. Pudlowski

The Visual World of Engineers: Exploring the Visual Culture of Engineering as an Essential Element of Communication from Design to Production



T. Siller and G. Johnson

Management Structure Designed to Facilitate Changing Engineering Curricula



S. R. H. Hoole

Establishing a Computer Science Program with Staff Shortages in a Developing Country through an Electrical Engineering Department



H. Gurocak

Planning and Implementing an Assessment Process with Performance Criteria for ABET Accreditation



C. Mobley, C. E. Brawner and M. W. Ohland

The South Carolina Merit Scholarship: Strategies Used by Engineering Students to Keep their LIFE Scholarship



M. M. Dewoolkar, L. George, N. J. Hayden and

D. M. Rizzo

Vertical Integration of Service-Learning into Civil and Environmental Engineering Curricula



D. Camacho, E. Pulido, M. D. R-Moreno

R. M. Carro, A. Ortigosa and J. Bravo,

Automatic Course Redesign: Global vs. Individual Adaptation



J. Uziak and M. T. Oladiran

Introduction of General Education Courses to Engineering Programmes at the University of Botswana



D. E. Jansen and Z. J. Pudlowski

Global Engineers: Creating Needed Solutions Through Intercultural Competence




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