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Part I

Special Issue: Methods and Cases in Computing Education


Guest Editors

Juan Manuel Dodero—University of Cádiz, Computer Science

Miguel Ángel Sicilia—University of Alcalá, Computer Science

Julià Minguillón—Open University of Catalonia, Computer Science




Ahmad Ibrahim




Juan Manuel Dodero, Miguel Àngel Sicilia

and Julià Minguillón

Guest Editorial



César Cárdenas


A Multidisciplinary Approach to Teach the Design of Socially Relevant Computing Systems for Social Change



Camino Fernández, David Díez,

Telmo Zarraonandía and Jorge Torres


A Student-Centered Introductory Programming Course: The Cost of Applying Bologna Principles to Computer Engineering Education



Elena García-Barriocanal, Salvador Sánchez-Alonso

and Daniel Rodriguez-García

Devising Instruction from Empirical Findings on Student Errors: A Case in Usability Engineering Education



Francisco J. García, Sergio Bravo,

Miguel A. Conde and Héctor Barbosa

SET, A CASE Tool to Guide the Creation of Domain and Use Case Models in an Introductory Software Engineering Course



Zoran Jeremic, Jelena Jovanovic

and Dragan Gasevic

An Environment for Project-Based Collaborative Learning of Software Design Patterns



Mariano Rico, Gonzalo Martínez-Muñoz,

Xavier Alaman, David Camacho and Estrella Pulido

A Programming Experience of High School Students in a Virtual World Platform



Joesp Soler Imma Boada Ferran Prados,

Jordi Poch and Ramon Fabregat

A Web-Based E-Learning Tool for Database Design Courses



Yan-Qing Wang, Zhong-Ying Qi,

Li-Jie Zhang and Min-Jing Song

Research and Practice on Education of SQA at Source Code Level



Part II


Contributions in: Engineering Education Research,

Information Management, Teaching Engineering Design, Learning Models,

Problem-based Learning, Distance Learning,

Instructional Development, Control Systems, and Power Electronics



B. K. Jesiek, M. Borrego, K. Beddoes,

M. Hurtado, P. Rajendran and D. Sangam

Mapping Global Trends in Engineering Education Research, 2005 - 2008



Ming-Hua Chang and Chi Cheng Chang

Developmental Model of Strategic Alliance for Technological Education



R. F. Hamade and N. Ghaddar


Impact of Team Functions in an Introductory Design Course on Student Performance in Later Design Courses: A Longitudinal Study



David C. Shallcross, Gavin Buskes and

Raymond R. Dagastine

Teaching First Year Engineering Design and Design Criteria - the Thames Barrier



Chris Poyner, Mary Court, Huong Pham

and Jennifer Pittman


A 3-D Pyramid/Prism Taxonomy for Viewing Knowledge When Teaching Language-Focused, Undergraduate Simulation Courses



L. Pérez Urrestarazu, A. Franco Salas and

R. Fernández Cañero

Multidisciplinary Education for New Landscape Engineering Concepts using Problem-Based Collaborative Learning. A Case Study in Spain



Julio Ariel Romero

Problem-Based Learning in an Industrial Computers Course



Suzana Markovic, Nenad Jovanovic and

Ranko Popovic

Web-Based Distance Learning System with Adaptive Testing Module



Ning Fang


A New Methodology for Assisting the Development of Instructional Awareness in Teaching a Large Engineering Class with Academically Diverse Students



M. L. Pertegal-Felices, A. Jimeno-Morenilla

and J. L. Sanchez-Romero

Use of Discussion Boards as a Student-Centered Methodology for Large Groups in Higher Education



Liliana Fernández-Samacá and

José Miguel Ramírez

Learning Control Concepts in a Fun Way




A. Ndtoungou, AB. Hamadi and K. Al-Haddad

An Improved Approach to Better Understand Power Electronics Variables

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