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Section I


Special Issue

Computer-Aided creativity enhancement in engineering education


Guest editors

Gaetano CasciniPolitecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Meccanica

Noel Leon Rovira—ITESM-Campus Monterrey,

Centro de Diseño e Innovación de Productos


Ahmad Ibrahim




Gaetano Cascini and Noel Leon-Rovira

Guest Editorial



Jennifer Harlim and Iouri Belski

Long-term Innovative Problem Solving Skills: Redefining Problem Solving



Marina Carulli, Monica Bordegoni and Umberto Cugini

An Integrated Framework to Support Design & Engineering Education



Denis Cavallucci and David Oget

On the Efficiency of Teaching TRIZ: Experiences in a French Engineering School



Niccolò Becattini, Yuri Borgianni, Gaetano Cascini and Federico Rotini

A TRIZ-based CAI Framework to guide Engineering Students towards a Broad-spectrum Investigation of Inventive Technical Problems



Valentino Birolini, Caterina Rizzi and Davide Russo

Teaching Students to Structure Engineering Problems with CAI Tools



Iouri Belski, James Baglin and Jennifer Harlim

Teaching TRIZ at University: A Longitudinal Study



Marco A. de Carvalho

IDEATRIZ—A Methodology for New Product Ideation



Shi-Jer Lou, Chih-Chao Chung, Wei-Yuan Dzan, Kuo-Hung Tseng and Ru-Chu Shih

Effect of Using TRIZ Creative Learning to Build a Pneumatic Propeller Ship while Applying STEM Knowledge



Carlos Rivera-Solorio, Alejandro J. García-Cuéllar and Abiud Flores

Design and Construction of a Boat Powered by Solar Energy with the Aid of Computational Tools



Section II

Contributions in: Service Learning, Gender Issues,

Non-Technical Competencies, Professional Communicating,

Project-Based Learning, Engineering Design, Design-Based

Learning, Online Teaching, Blended Learning, Assessment,

Modeling, Pneumatic Systems


Holly M. Matusovich, William Oakes and Carla B. Zoltowski

Why Women Choose Service-Learning: Seeking and Finding Engineering-Related Experiences



Elisabeth Larsson, Stefan Pålsson Jarmo Rantakokko, Lina von Sydow and Michael Thuné

Gender-Aware Course Reform in Scientific Computing



Brenda M. Capobianco and Irene B. Mena

Longitudinal Profiles of Children’s Conceptions of an Engineer



Richard LeBoeuf, Matías Pizarro and Ricardo Espinoza

Identification of Non-Technical Competency Gaps of Engineering Graduates in Chile



Tharwat El-Sakran, David Prescott and Mujo Mesanovic

Contextualizing Teamwork in a Professional Communication Course for Engineering Students



Steven C. Zemke and Diane L. Zemke

Cognitive Hindrances to Learning Mechanical Design



Oenardi Lawanto, Deborah Butler, Sylvie Cartier, Harry B. Santoso and Wade Goodridge

Task Interpretation, Cognitive, and Metacognitive Strategies of Higher and Lower Performers in an Engineering Design Project: An Exploratory Study of College Freshmen



Andrés Díaz Lantada, Pilar Lafont Morgado, Juan Manuel Munoz-Guijosa, José Luis Muñoz Sanz, Javier Echávarri Otero, Julio Muñoz García, Enrique Chacón Tanarro and Eduardo de la Guerra Ochoa

Towards Successful Project-Based Teaching-Learning Experiences in Engineering Education



Sonia M. Gómez Puente, Michiel van Eijck and Wim Jochems

Empirical Validation of Characteristics of Design-Based Learning in Higher Education



Can B. Aktas ̨ and Yıldırım Omurtag

Online Teaching of Engineering Statistics: A Comparative Case Study



Lorenzo Moreno, Carina González, Evelio J. González, Beatrice Popescu and Claudia O. L. Groenwald

Teaching Computer Architecture using a Collaborative Approach: and The SIENA Tool, Tutorial Sessions and Problem Solving



K. Jo Min, John Jackman and Doug Gemmill

Assessment and Evaluation of Objectives and Outcomes for Continuous Improvement of an Industrial Engineering Program



R. Payri, J. Javier López, F. J. Salvador and P. Martí-Aldaraví

Development of a Methodology to Learn the Characteristics and Performances of Common Rail Injection Systems Based on Simulations with AMESim



J. Falcáo Carneiro, M. R. Barbosa, P. Abreu and F. Freitas

An Introductory Undergraduate Course on Fluid Power Systems




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