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Section I

The Impact of Collaboration between Academia and Industry on Engineering Education

Part 1: Main types of collaboration, Lessons learned, Good practices,

Assessment methods

Guest Editor

Andre´s D´ıaz Lantada, Mechanical Engineering Department, UPM Innovative Teaching Group

on Machine Development, Universidad Polite´cnica de Madrid, Spain


Ahmad Ibrahim




Andre´s D´ıaz Lantada

Guest Editorial



Andre´s D´ıaz Lantada, Pilar Lafont Morgado, Juan Manuel Munoz-Guijosa, Jose´ Luis Mun˜oz Sanz, Javier Echavarri Otero, Julio Mun˜oz Garc´ıa, Enrique Chaco´n Tanarro and Eduardo de la Guerra Ochoa

Study of Collaboration Activities between Academia and Industry for Improving the Teaching-Learning Process



Hyungseok Yoon and Joosung J. Lee

Entrepreneurship Education and Research Commercialization of Engineering-Oriented Universities: An Assessment and Monitoring of Recent Development in Korea



Martine Buser

Engineering Students as Innovation Facilitators for Enterprises



Anne Hess, Dieter Rombach, Ralf Carbon, Daniel F. Murphy, Michael Hoeh and Christian Bartolein

The Role of Collaborative Capstone Projects—Experiences from Education, Research and Industry



Rasha Stino

People I Wish I Had Met Before GraduatingTM Speaker Series for Construction Contracting Course



S. Chandrasekaran, A. Stojcevski, G. Littlefair and

M. Joordens

Project-Oriented Design-Based Learning: Aligning Students’ Views With Industry Needs



Jesu´s Manuel Garc´ıa, Enrique Soriano, Imanol Garc´ıa and Higinio Rubio

Implementation of Service-Learning Projects in Engineering Colleges



Narcis Ursache and Cristinel Mares

On Student Skill Development through Integration of Industrial Expertise in Module Delivery



Teboho Pitso

The Creativity Model for Fostering Greater Synergy between Engineering Classroom and Industrial Activities for Advancement of Students’ Creativity and Innovation



Alan J. Levy and Weilin Li

Adaption of the Clinical Correlation Instructional Model for 2nd Year Engineering Science Courses



Victoria Townsend and Jill Urbanic

Industrial Field Trips: An Integrated Pedagogical Framework of Theory and Practice



Thomas J. Siller and John Durkin

University-Industry Partnership to Develop Engineering Students’ Professional  Skills



Mateus Cec´ılio Gerolamo and Lillian do Nascimento Gambi

How Can Engineering Students Learn Leadership Skills? The Leadership Development Program in Engineering (PROLIDER) at EESC-USP, Brazil



Ana Moreno, Julio Lumbreras, Carlos Mataix and Ignacio J. Pe´rez-Arriaga

Engineering Education for Sustainability: A Multistakeholder Case Study on ICT and Transportation



Sungjong Park and Gueesoo Cha

A Study on the Assessment of Key Competencies for Automotive Engineering Technology Education in Korea



John W. Davies

Using Students with Current Industry Experience to Evaluate Course Delivery



Monica F. Cox, Tasha Zephirin, Nikitha Sambamurthy, Benjamin Ahn, Jeremi London, Osman Cekic, Ana Torres and Jiabin Zhu

Curriculum Vitae Analyses of Engineering Ph.D.s Working in Academia and Industry




Section II

Contributions in: Blended Learning, Cooperative Learning, Innovation, Academic writing, Safety, Wind Energy


Hamidreza Kashefi, Zaleha Ismail, Yudariah Mohammad Yusof and Fariba Mirzaei

Generic Skills in Engineering Mathematics through Blended Learning: A Mathematical Thinking Approach



Nadjib Brahimi, Fikri Dweiri,

Imad Alsyouf and Sharfuddin A. Khan

Implementing Co-operative Education in an Industrial Engineering Program in the United Arab Emirates: Experience and Lessons Learned



Hsiou-Huai Wang, Shih-Chung Kang

and Tsung-Kai Lee

Cultivating Imagination in Entry-Level Civil Engineering Students: Exploring the Effects of an Innovative Instructional Model



Marcia Laugerman, Mack Shelley, Steve K. Mickelson and Diane T. Rover

The Engineering Admissions Partnership Program: A Navigation Strategy for Community College Students Seeking a Pathway into Engineering



Sarah L. Gassman, Michelle A. Maher

and Briana E. Timmerman

Supporting Students’ Disciplinary Writing in Engineering Education



David C. Shallcross

Using Concept Maps to Assess Learning of Safety Case Studies: The Eschede Train Disaster



Everett Sheble, Steffen Bickle and

Carlos H. Hidrovo

Wind Energy Lab Module for Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Curricula


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