Section I


Special Issue

Innovation in Engineering Practice and Technology Education


Guest Editors

Faiez Alani and Mo Elbestawi—McMaster University, Canada


Ahmad Ibrahim




F. Alani and M. Elbestawi

Guest Editorial



Alfonso González González, Alonso Sánchez Ríos, Cayetano José Cruz García and David Rodríguez Salgado

A Proposed Methodology to Evaluate Educational Competences in Engineering Degrees Based on Electronic Devices and Open Access Software



Sarah M. Asio, Jennifer A. Cross and Stephen Ekwaro-Osire

Factors Affecting Innovation in Engineering Design Teams: An Empirical Investigation of Student Team Perceptions



Hai Chien Pham, Nhu-Ngoc Dao, Akeem Pedro, Quang Tuan Le, Rahat

Hussain, Sungrae Cho and Chan Sik Park

Virtual Field Trip for Mobile Construction Safety Education Using360-Degree Panoramic Virtual Reality



Fei Geng and Faiez Alani

Use of Multimedia for Experiential Learning in Engineering Technology Labs



Marjan Golob and Božidar Bratina

Web-Based Control and Process Automation Education and Industry 4.0



Jose-Maria Gutierrez-Martinez, Ana Castillo-Martinez, Juan Aguado-Delgado, Roberto Barchino and Salvador Otón

Innovative Evaluation by Projects for Course with Mixed Computer Science Degrees



L. Belkhir, R. Fleisig and D. K. Potter

Effective Learning of Innovation by Engineering Students in a Multi-Disciplinary Context



Zhen Gao, Tom Wanyama and Ishwar Singh

Practice-Intensive Learning: An Effective Approach to Enhance the Fundamental Skills of PLC Beginners



Irina Zakharova and Alexander Zakharov

Key Issues of Low-Level Parallel Programming in the Individual Projects for Graduate Students



Juan I. Castillo Tello, E. Verdú Pérez and J. Javier Rainer Granados

Analysis and Evaluation of Discussion Forums in the Teaching Process of Industrial Organization Engineering



Silvia De La Flor, Alberto Belmonte and Albert Fabregat-Sanjuan

Improving Students’ Engagement and Performance Through New e-Learning Tools in Laboratory Subjects in Mechanical Engineering



I. Ortigosa

An Experience with Varied Teaching Methodologies at Mechanical Engineering Program


Section II

Contributions in: Teamwork, Engineering Design, Evaluation, Faculty Development,

Project Management, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Social Networking, e-Learning,

 Learning Competency, International Students, Academia and Industry,

Project-Based Learning, Learning Physics


Kali Prasad Nepal

A Relative Relevance Approach to Refine Inconsistent Peer- and Self-Assessment Scores in Teamwork Assessment



Mahender Mandala, Christian Schunn Steven Dow, Mary Goldberg, Jon Pearlman, William Clark and Irene Mena

Impact of Collaborative Team Peer Review on the Quality of Feedback in

Engineering Design Projects



Mahender Mandala, Christian Schunn Steven Dow, Mary Goldberg and Jon Pearlman

Uncovering the Practices, Challenges, and Incentives for Engineering Design Faculty



Matt DeMonbrun, Julia Kerst, Hanna Pfershy and Cynthia J. Finelli

The Long-Term Impact of a Faculty Development Program on Student Evaluations of Teaching



Adriana Rojas-Molina, Manuel Toledano-Ayala, Juvenal Rodriguez Reséndiz, Edgar Rivas-Araiza and Gilberto Herrera-Ruiz

Project Management in Higher Education Institutions in Mexico: A Case Study



Kerrie A. Douglas, Todd Fernandez, Şenay Purzer, Michael Fosmire and Amy Van Epps

The Critical-Thinking Engineering Information Literacy Test (CELT): A Validation Study for Fair Use Among Diverse Students



Ugljesa Marjanovic, Nenad Simeunovic, Milan Delić, Zeljka Bojanic and Bojan Lalic

Assessing the Success of University Social Networking Sites: Engineering Students’ Perspective



Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Chaoyun Liang and Yi-Lin Liu

Influences of Learning Competency and e-Learning Implementation on Learning Outcomes of Engineering Students



Prasad KDV Yarlagadda, Jyoti Sharma, Pujitha Silva, Karen Woodman, Jegar Pitchforth and Kerrie Mengersen

Factors Influencing the Success of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Engineering and Information Technology



Maria-Jesús Marco-Galindo, Josep M. Marco-Simó and Marc Fuertes-Alpiste

A Computer Engineering Curriculum Model for Teaching Software Development to Bridge the Gap between Academia and Industry



Se-Yeon Jeon, Konstantin Nikitin, Aulia Dewantari, Sumin Kim and Min-Ho Ka

Multifunctional Radar Sensor Laboratory Course Using a Low-Cost Software-Defined Radio Transceiver



Juan C. Miranda and Tomás Rada

An Examination of the Beliefs About Physics and Learning Physics Among Engineering Students




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