Vol 37 No. 3





Contributions in: Microlearning, Blended Classroom, Creativity, Evaluation, Active Learning, Design Courses, STEM, Design Process, Academic Success, Underrepresented Minorities, First-Year Students, Maker Cultures, Skill Gap, Empathy, Society 5.0, Students Outcomes, Early Career, E-Learning, Cooperative Learning, Sustainable Approach, Assessment, Learning Strategies, Fluid Mechanics, Digital Systems, Embedded Systems, Electrical Engineering



Ahmad Ibrahim




R. Pascual, E. Blanco, P. Viveros and

F. Kristjanpoller

Application of Microlearning Activities to Improve Engineering Students’ Self-Awareness



Renee M. Clark and Autar Kaw

*Enhancing Student Outcomes in a Blended Numerical Methods Course for Engineers: The Case for Practice and Cumulative Tests



Stanislav Avsec and Magdalena Jagiełło-Kowalczyk

Developing a Framework to Predict Factors Significant for Creative Architectural Design Performance of Freshmen and Senior Architecture Students, by Adopting and Validating the CEDA



Ahmed Osman, Eric Cuellar, Shane A. Brown and Benjamin D. Lutz

Exploring Engineering Faculty Beliefs and Practices on Student Evaluation and Pedagogy



Kitana M. Kaiphanliam, Arshan Nazempour, Paul B. Golter Bernard J. Van Wie and Olusola O. Adesope

Efficiently Assessing Hands-On Learning in Fluid Mechanics at Varied Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels



Piotr De˛biec

Digital Systems and Dedicated Screencasts – A Case Study in Engaging First Year Engineering Students



Eric Burkholder and Carl Wieman

Impact of Decision-Making in Capstone Design Courses on Students’ Ability to Solve Authentic Problems



Lynal Albert

Educational Interventions for Civil Engineering Students: Thematic Review and Future Opportunities



Douglas B. Clark, Christopher Ostrowdun, Stefan Rothschuh and Senay Purzer

Assessing Students’ Design Processes and Design Outcomes



Kadir Kozan, Muhsin Menekse and Saira Anwar

*Exploring the Role of STEM Content, Professional Skills, and Support Service Needs in Predicting Engineering Students’ Mid-College Academic Success



Amanda D. Moreno-Hernandez and Joi-Lynn Mondisa

*Differences in the Self-Perceptions of Resilience, Grit, and Persistence among First-Year Engineering Undergraduates



Wei Zhan, Byul Hur, Yonghui Wang, Suxia Cui and Bugrahan Yalvac

*Creating Maker Culture in an Engineering Technology Program



Vasu Kumar, Bimal Nepal and Michael D. Johnson

Assessing Skills Gap in High Value Manufacturing: An Oil and Gas Industry Continuing Education Case Study



Justin L. Hess, Nicholas D. Fila, Eunhye Kim and Senay Purzer

Measuring Empathy for Users in Engineering Design



Giacomo Barbieri, Kelly Garces, Sepideh Abolghasem, Santiago Martinez, Manuela

Fernàndez Pinto, German Andrade, Felipe

Castro and Fernando Jimenez

An Engineering Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Specialty with Emphasis in Society 5.0



Muhammad Saleem, Asif uz zaman, Mohammed Aman and Faisal Albatati

A Proposed Roadmap of Transition to the New EAC-ABET Student Outcomes



Martin Jaeger, Aigul Nagimova and Desmond Adair

Perspectives on Engineering Competencies and Competency Development Approaches – Early-Career Engineers versus Managers of Engineers



Teodora Lolic, Darko Stefanovic, Rogerio Dionisio, Ugljesa Marjanovic and Sara Havzi

Assessing Engineering Students’ Acceptance of an E-Learning System: A Longitudinal Study



Rebecca Brent, Michael Prince and Richard Felder

Promoting and Managing Student-Student Interactions in Online STEM Classes



Filippo Sanfilippo and Kolbjørn Austreng

Sustainable Approach to Teaching Embedded Systems with Hands-On Project-Based Visible Learning



Aharon Gero and Yinnon Stav

Summative Assessment Based on Two-Tier Multiple-Choice Questions: Item Discrimination and Engineering Students’ and Teachers’ Attitudes



Lizeth Del Carmen Gutierrez Púa, Loraine Stephany Bruges Martínez, Ana María Fonseca Reyes and Virginia Nathaly Paredes Méndez


The Impact of the Conceptual Mind Facts Methodology on the Academic Performance of Engineering Students


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