Vol 38 No. 3






Section I

Special Issue

Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Engineering Education


Guest Editors

Marc Alier Forment – Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, Spain

Miguel Ángel Conde – Escuelas de Ingenierías Industrial e Informática, University of León, Spain




Ahmad Ibrahim

Guest Editorial

Marc Alier Forment and Miguel Ángel Conde

Experimental Education of Collaborative Design. The Case of an Inclusive Bus Stop for a Tourist Transportation Hub

Manuela Pires Rosa

Teaching Essential Competencies for Social and Sustainable Engineering Design – Case Study of a Research-Oriented Master’s Seminar

Ann-Kristin Winkens and Carmen Leicht-Scholten

Engineering Faculty Views on Sustainability and Education Research: Survey Results and Analyses

Paul Gannon, Ryan Anderson, Carolyn Plumb, Douglas Hacker and Kerry Shephard

Assessment of Ethical, Environmental and Professional Responsibility Training of Civil Engineers

Ester Gimenez-Carbo, M. Esther Gómez-Martín and Ignacio Andrés-Doménech

Embedding Ethics Throughout a Master’s in Integrated Engineering Curriculum

Sarah Jayne Hitt

Teaching Topics of Responsibility and Sustainability in Large Engineering Classes

Marie Decker, Ann-Kristin Winkens and Carmen Leicht-Scholten

Integration of Ethics, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility Components in an Undergraduate Engineering Course on Finite Element Analysis

Gaganpreet Sidhu and Seshasai Srinivasan

A Case Study in Brazil and Spain about the Students’ Perception of the Gender Gap in Computing

Alicia García-Holgado, Carina S. González-González, Ismar Frango Silveira and Francisco J. García-Peñalvo

Analytical Framework to Investigate Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Engineering Project Management

Laura Fernández-Robles, Manuel Castejón-Limas, Alexis Gutiérrez-Ferníndez, Francisco J. Rodríguez Lera and Camino Fernández-Llamas

Team-Based Learning to Improve Diversity and Inclusion of Environmental Engineering Students: A Mixed Methods Case Study

Hong Yang

Exploring the Relationship between Students’ Trait Empathy, their Attitudes Towards Sustainability, and their

Reflections on a Workshop on Sustainable Design

Rohan Prabhu, Elizabeth Starkey and Mohammad Alsager Alzayed

Imagination and Moral Deliberation: A Case Study of an Ethics Discussion Session

Yousef Jalali, Christian Matheis and Vinod Lohani

Stereotype Threat and Faultlines Based on Cultural Diversity in Engineering Education in Germany

Edwin Semke, Wanda Theobald and Petia Genkova

Integrating Inclusivity and Sustainability in Civil Engineering Courses

Kauser Jahan, Stephanie Farrell, Harriet Hartman and Tiago Forin

Leveraging Sustainability to Teach About Social Justice in Civil Engineering Curricula

Tom Siller, Rebecca A. Atadero, A. M. Aramati Casper and Christina H. Paguyo


Section II

Contributions in: STEM, Teamwork, Psychological Safety, PBL,

Big Data, Gender, Identity, Industry Skill Gap, Apprenticeship, Competencies Progress,

Learning Modules, Computer Science, Manufacturing Engineering, Fluid Mechanics


Development and Evaluation of an Approach for Integrating Data Science Concepts into High School STEM Curriculum

Vytautas Štuikys, Renata Burbaitė, Giedrius Ziberkas and Ramūnas Kubiliūnas

Dynamics of Mixed-Gender Teams in Engineering Education

Behzad Beigpourian and Matthew W Ohland

Big Data + Business Administration: Applying Problem-Based Learning to Enrich the Design of Interdisciplinary Education

Lanxia Zhang, Chunfang Zhou and Xinbo Sun

How Engineering Identity of First-Year Female and Male Engineering Majors is Predicted by Their Physics Self-Efficacy and Identity

Yangqiuting Li and Chandralekha Singh

Integrating Hands-on Continuous Process Improvement Practices with Traditional Manufacturing Processes Lab

Truc T. Ngo, Paul J. Wield and Troy T. Bui

Comparison Between Apprenticeship Learning and Traditional Learning in Students of Mechanical Engineering Vocational Education: A Case Study in Slovenia

Martin Pivk and Boris Aberšek

Progress of Student Competencies from Cornerstone to Capstone Design: A Longitudinal Study

John Crepeau, Michael Maughan, Steven Beyerlein, Dan Cordon, Matthew Swenson, Daniel Robertson and Sean Quallen

*Effectiveness of Hands-on Desktop Learning Modules to Improve Student Learning in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer across Institutions and Program Types

Aminul Islam Khan, Negar Beheshti Pour, Kristin Bryant, David B. Thiessen, Olusola Adesope, Bernard J. Van Wie and Prashanta Dutta

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