International Journal of
Engineering Education

Volume 13 number 6


Special Issue

Computers in Undergraduate Mechanics Education

Guest Editors: Nicholas J. Salamon and Siripong Malasri


M.S.Wald Editorial

Engineering Education world

Guest Editorial
B.J.Cabell,J.J.Rencis,H.T.Grandin, J.Alam Using Java to Develop Interactive Learning Material for the World Wide Web

R.Kumar and M.Plummer Using Contemporary Tools to Teach Dynamics in Engineering Technology
P.K.Yin Numerical Methods on Spreadsheet for Machinery Design Projects
K.Liu and P.Boyle Dimensional Optimization for the Crank-Rocker Mechanism Using TK Solver
G.Broman and S. Östholm Mathcad in Teaching Rotor and Structural Dynamics
A.K.Kaw and G.Willenberg A Software Tool for Mechanics of Composite Materials
R.W.Soutas-Little, D.J.Inman Calculus reform to Mechanics Reform
N.J.Salamon Matrix Methods, Calculators and Computers: Impact on Introductory Mechanics of Materials Courses
T.Belytschko, A.Bayliss, C.Brinson, S.Carr,W.Kath,  S.Krishnaswamy, B.Moran, J.Nocedal and M.Peshkin Mechanics in the Engineering First Curriculum at Northwestern University

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