Contents Volume 19 number 2, 2003
Cover and Abstracts

Engineering Education Policy and Research

R.Brent and R.M.Felder
A Model for Engineering Faculty Development

Academic Leadership Strategies for Engineering Faculty

J.V.Farr and D.N.Merino
Educating Entry-level Engineers: Are Broad-based Business/Managerial Skills a Key to Sustaining the US Innovation-based Economy?

K.v.Overveld,R.Ahn,I.Reymen and M.Ivashkov
Teaching Creativity in a Technological Design Context

Mechanical Engineering

T.Belendez,C.Neipp and A.Belendez

Cables under Concentrated Loads: A Laboratory Project for an Engineering Mechanics Course  

Control Engineering

S-J.Hsieh and P.Y.Hsieh
Animations and Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Programmable Logic Controller  Education

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Experiences with a Hands-on Activity to Contrast Craft Production and Mass Production in the Classroom  

Web-based Learning

T.Özer,M.Kenworthy,I.G.Brisson,E.G.Cravalho and G.H.McKinley
On Developments in Interactive Web-based Learning Modules in a Thermal-Fluids Enginering Course

Engineering Design

V.Wilczynski and J.J.Jennings
Creating Virtual Teams for Engineering Design

G.Prudhomme,J.F.Boujut and D.Brissaud
Toward Reflective Practice in Engineering Design Education

Best Practice in Product Design: Concept Outlines and Experiences in Project-Oriented Product Design Education  

Biomedical Engineering

P.H.King and R.Fries
Designining Biomedical Engineering Design Courses

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