IJEE Volume 19 number 3


Special Issue


Distance Controlled Laboratories and Learning Systems


Guest Editor: Nesimi Ertugrul



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Nesimi Ertugrul:     Guest Editorial


An Online Robot System for Projects in Robot Intelligence


F.A.Candelas, S. T. Puente, F. Torres, F.G.Ortiz, P. Gil, J.Pomares
A Virtual Laboratory for Teaching Robotics


L.Petropoulakis and B.Stephen
Resource Sharing Software for Distance Learning in Engineering Education


L.E.Carlson,R.E.Reitsma,M.J.Brandemuhl,J.R.Hertzberg,J.F.Sullivan and S.G.Gabbard
Exploiting an Engineering Building as a Unique Distance-Learning Tool


D.Gillet,F.Geoffroy,K.Zeramdini,A.V.Nguyen,Y.Rekik and Y.Piguet
The Cockpit: An Effective Metaphor for Web-based Experimentation in Engineering Education


S.Palanki and S.Kolavennau
Simulation of Control of a CSTR Process


J.Henry  and C.Knight
Modern Engineering Laboratories at a Distance


A Remote Access Laboratory for Electrical Circuits Experiments


A Novel Website of Mechatronics for Remote Learning


F.Naghdy, P.Vial and N.Taylor
Embedded Internet Laboratory


Incorporation of a Demonstrator into Internet-Mediated Laboratory Experiments


P.Vial and P.Doulai
Using Embedded Internet Devices in an Internet Engineering Laboratory Set-up


R.Pastor, J.Sanchez and S.Dormido
An XML-based Framework for the Development of Web-based Laboratories Focused on Control Systems Education


J.T.Jones and M.Joordens
Distance Learning for Laboratory Practical Work in Microcontrollers


B.Diong,M.Perez,C.K.Della-Piana and R.Wicker
Remote Experimentation with a Wind Tunnel System for Controls Education


J.Porter and J.A.Morgan
Wireless Mobile Platform: A Tool to Implement a Distance Learning Laboratory for Teaching Computer-based Instrumentation and Control


J.B.Dabney, J.McCune and F.h.Ghorbel
Web-based Control of the Rice SPENDULAP


D.Hoole and M.Sithambaresan
Chemical Engineering Home-Practicals:Towards Making Distance Education Truly Distant


D. Krehbiel,R. Zerger and J.K. Piper
A Remote Access LabVIEW-based Laboratory for Environmental and Ecological Science


K.K.Tan,K.N.Wang and K.Z.Tang
Mechatronic Experiment on Remote Vibration Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis via the Internet



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