Volume 20 number 1





Part 1

Special Issue on Trends in Electronics Education (1)



Guest Editors:   Ahmad Ibrahim and Aleksander Malinowski


Part 2

Contributions in:
Engineering Education Policy and Research,
Civil and Construction Engineering,
Engineering Mechanics and Environmental Engineering




Part 1




Ahmad Ibrahim and Aleksander Malinowski
Guest Editorial


A. A.Berezin
Isotopic Engineering as a Conceptual Framework for Courses in Microelectronics and Quantum Informatics


A.A.Kassim,S.A.Kazi and S.Ranganath
A Web-based Intelligent Learning Environment for DigitalSystems


B.Murovec and S.Kocijancic
A USB-based Data Acquisition System Designed for Educational Purposes


L.Prat,D.Bardes,R.Bragos,J.Calderer,L.Castaner,V.Jimenez,P.J.Riu,S.Silvestre,F.Calvino and J.Bara
Semi-distance Learning vs. Traditional Organisation for a Masterís Degree in electronic Engineering:An Experience at the Technical University of  Catalonia (UPC) Spain


A.Barreto and M.Alonso,Jr
An Affordable Platform for Learning Real-Time Adaptive Signal Processing


H.Salzer and I.Levin
Atomic Requirements in Teaching Logic Control Implementation


Development of Microcontroller/FPGA-based Systems


A.Gani and M.J.E.Salami
Vibration Faults Simulation System (VFSS): A Lab Equipment to aid Teaching of Mechatronics Courses


Numerical Computation of Potential in Unbounded Two-Dimensional Regions using Schwarz-Christoffel Transformation


A.Bilsel and E.Erdil
Experience Gained in Appling ABET Criteria to an Electrical/Electronic Engineering Program in a Turkish University


S.Waks and C.R.G.Helps
Dimensions in Electronics Education Change





Part 2


Engineering Education research and Policy


Y-Y Cheng,Jr,J.Lyu and Y-C Lin
Education Improvement through ISO 9000 Implementation: Experiences in Taiwan


J.G.Teng,C.Y.Song and X.F.Yuan
Fostering Creativity in Students in the Teaching of Structural Analysis


Engineering Mechanics


C.J.Lissenden and N.J.Salamon
Design Project for Advanced Mechanics of Materials


Environmental Engineering


R.P.Hesketh,C.S.Slater,M.J.Savelski,K.Hollar and S.Farrell
A Program to Help in Designing Courses to Integrate Green Engineering Subjects


Civil and Construction Engineering


S-O Cheung,K.K.W.Cheung and H.C.H.Suen
Web-based Learning in Engineering Education: A Portal for Teaching of Construction Contracts









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