Contents Volume 20 number 5



Special Issue on manufacturing Engineering Education (2)


Guest Editors: Thomas Kurfess and Paul Shiue






Part I



Bringing Games into the Classroom in Teaching Quality Control



L.Whitman, D.Malzahn, V.Madhavan,G.Weheba and K.Krishnan

Virtual Reality Case Study throughout the Curriculum to Address Competency Gaps



L.R.Ray, P.M.Berg and K.Baron

Design and Manufacturing Education through Re- engineering Products



P.Ball and H.Thornbury

A Student Learning Environment without the Overhead? Reviewing Costs and Benefits of CAL within a Manufacturing Course




Learning CAD/CAM and CNC Machining through Mini- car and Catapult Projects



W.H.Ip, C.L.Lai and C.W.Lau

A Web- based Training Model of Enterprise Resource Planning for the Manufacturing Industry



Z.B.J.Pasek, Y.Koren and S.Segall

Manufacturing in a Global Context : A Graduate Course on Agile, Reconfigurable Manufacturing



D.Dutta, D.Geister and G.Tryggvason

Introducing Hands- on Experiences in Design and Manufacturing Education



T.W.Simpson, D.J.Medeiros, S.Joshi, A.Lehtihet, R.A.Wysk, G.R.Pierce and T.A.Litzinger

IME Inc.- A New Course for Integrating Design, Manufacturing and Production into the Engineering Curriculum



L.K.L.Saunders and J.G.Saunders

House of Quality Assessment of Business Skills Required by Manufacturing Engineering Graduates



A.Kumar and A.W.Labib

Applying Quality Function Deployment for the Design of a Next Generation Manufacturing Simulation Game




Part II


Papers in Engineering Education Research, Web-based Learning,

Control Engineering, Strength of Materials and Chemical Engineering


Z.Liu and D.J.Sch÷nwetter

Teaching Creativity in Engineering




Learning Engineering as Art: An Invention Center



D.A.Barry,R.A.Wardlaw,M.Crapper, S.D.Smith and D.S.Jeng

A Robust Grade Adjustment Procedure



A.Atrens, R.W.Truss, A.Dahle, G.B.Schaffer, D.H.St.John, C.Caceres and J.D.Gates

Graduate Attributes in Relation to Curriculum Design and Delivery in a Materials Engineering Programme



T. ÷zer and E.G.Cravalho

On Developments in Interactive Web- based Learning Modules in a Thermal- Fluids Engineering Course: Part II




A University Project to Produce an Analogue Robot Kit for Schools: Do Customer- based Projects Affect Student Motivation?



A.El Hajj, K.Y.Kabalan and S. Khoury

The Use of Spreadsheets to Calculate the Convolution Sum of Two Finite Sequences



L.Jimenez, J.Bonet and C.Cosculluela

Production and Separation of Ethanol: A Didactic Experiment




MicroLab: A Web-based Multi- user Remote Microcontroller Laboratory for Engineering Education




A Material that Ought to find its Place in Future Strength of Materials Textbooks





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