Contents volume 21 number 1, 2005

Part I

Special Issue

Virtual Instrumentation: Integrating LabVIEW with Modern Engineering Education Tools

Guest Editor

Jay Porter: Texas A&M University









Guest Editorial




More Meaningful PSpice Simulations via LabVIEW




Using Simulation Tools to Verify Laboratory Measurements




Listening to PSpice Simulations with LabVIEW



J.Denton and E.Cooney

Power Measurements: Simulations and Measurement

D.Shetty,S.K.Ramasamy and S.J.Choi

A Non- Contact Visual Measurement System Integrating LabVIEW with Matlab  



G.Mousalli-Kayat, J.C.Vielma, A.R.Bolivar and F.R.Echeverria

Learning faults Detection and Diagnostics Using a Virtual System         




Modeling and simulation of the DC Motor Using Matlab and LabVIEW                                                    

Y.Robinson  and S.Dhandapani

Experimental Investigation on Electronic Fuel Injection in a Two-Stroke SI Engine by Virtual Instrumentation Technique



N.Mkondweni, S.Harrison and R.Tzoneva

Integrating LabVIEW Capabilities for Monitoring and Supervisory control

with A B Brown Biotech Gmbh Unit Functions for Fermentation Processing and Direct Control



J.Porter  and M.R.Warren

Teaching Mixed-signal Testing Concepts Using Low -Cost Test Equipment and LabVIEW



J.Sibigtroth and E.Montanez

Motor Control Demonstration Lab                                                         


A LabVIEW-Based ,Interactive Virtual Laboratory for Electronic Engineering Education




Part II



Papers on Engineering Education Research, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics





R.M.Felder and J.Spurlin

Applications, Reliability and Validity of the Index of Learning Styles




Working as Part of a Balanced Team  



J.Bankel, K, F.Berggren, M.Engstrom, I.Wiklund, E.F.Crawley, D.Soderholm,K.El Gaidi and S.Ostlund

Benchmarking Engineering Curricula with the CDIO Syllabus



J.Jawitz, J.Case and N.Ahmed

Smile Nicely, Make the Tea- But Will I Ever be Taken Seriously? Engineering Students’ Experiences of Vacation Work  



E.J.Coyle, L.H.Jamieson and W.C.Oakes

 EPICS: Engineering Projects in Community Service




Making the Transition from Engineering Student to Practicing Professional -A Profile of Two Women  




Internationalization of the Undergraduate Engineering Program, Part I: The Need  



N.Bilal, H.R.Kess and D.E.Adams

Reversing the Role of Experiment and Theory in a Roving Laboratory for Undergraduate Students in Mechanical Vibrations



M.D.Hurley,W.L.Xu and G.Bright

Implementing Fuzzy Logic for Machine Intelligence: A Case Study  


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