Contents Volume 22 number 6


Special Issue


Trends in Agricultural, Biosystems and Biological Engineering Education (II)


Guest Editors

Joel Cuello

University of Arizona


Linus Opara

Sultan Qaboos University

Sultanate of Oman










Joel Cuello, Linus Opara

Guest Editorial



Part I


(a) Curriculum Reform, Assessment and Accreditation




T. H. Walker and W.H.Allen

A Zero- Based Curriculum Revision in Biological Engineering: Challenges for a New Century



T.Monroe, M.Mailander and M.Lima

Focus on Experiential Education: A Freshman Engineering Program in Biological & Agricultural Engineering



L.U.Opara,J.S.Perret, and D.B.Ampratwum

The Evolution of Agricultural Engineering Education and Curriculum Reform at Sultan Qaboos University



T.A.Costello and D.J.Carrier

Emergence of Biological Engineering at the University of Arkansas




Louisiana State University's Biological Engineering Program



T.J.Brumm,S.K,Mickelson,B.L.Steward and A.L.Kaleita

Competency-based Outcomes Assessment for Agricultural Engineering Programs



P.H.King and J.Collins

Ethical and Professional Training of Biomedical Engineers




ISO Certified Biological and Agricultural Engineering Tertiary Education



(b) Simulation,Resource Management and Field Demonstration Tools




E.R.Benson,C.Krawczyk and G.F.Figueiredo

Evaluation of Tablet and Laptop Computers in Field and Laboratory Settings



F.Rodriguez,M.Berenguel,J.L.Guzman and S.Dormido

A Virtual Course on Automation of Agricultural Systems



R.Badal,S.Kim,J.Owens and H.Beck

An Integrated Database Approach for Managing Educational Resources in Agricultural and Biological Engineering




Introducing Simulation Software as an Educational Tool to Enhance Student Understanding of Tractor Field Performance



A.Sorgo and S.Kocijancic

Demonstration of Biological Processes in Lakes and Fishponds through Computerised Laboratory Practice




Developing a Laboratory Course in Sensors and Data Acquisition for Agricultural Engineering



Part II


Contributions in: Engineering Education Research, Engineering Design, Engineering Ethics,

Control Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering


F.Bullen and D.Knight

The Broad and Strategic Value of the Freshmen Engineering Experience FEE



J.L.Cano,I.Lidon,R.Rebollar,P.Roman and J.Saenz

Student Groups Solving Real- life Projects. A Case Study of Experiential Learning



D.Oehlers and D.Walker

Assessment of Deep Learning Ability for Problem Solvers



C.B.Williams and F.Mistree

Empowering Students to Learn how to Learn: Mass Customization of a Graduate Engineering Design Course




How to Design and Interpret a Multiple- Choice- Question Test: A Probabilistic Approach




Lessons in Social Responsibility from the Austin Dam Failure



J.Petric and Z.Situm

Pneumatic Balancing Mechanisms in Control Education



J.Marcos-Acevedo, J.M.Villas- Iglesias, S.A.Perez- Lopez

Multimedia System for the Teaching of Proximity Sensors



M. D. Bovea and A. Gallardo

Work Placements and the Final Year Project: A Joint Experience in the Industrial Engineering Degree



D.Elton, B.Luke,F.Townsend and M.Roth

Adding Excitement to Soils: A Geotechnical Student Design Competition


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