Contents volume 23 number 2


Part I


Educating Students in Sustainable Engineering (I)


Guest Editors


Lynn Katz

University of Texas


John Sutherland

Michigan Technological University









Lynn Katz and John Sutherland

Guest editorial




Instructional Strategies to Educate for Sustainability in Technology Assessment



K.Jahan and Y.Mehta

Sustainability Across the Curriculum



D.N.Huntzinger, J.S.Gierke,

M.J.Hutchins and J.W.Sutherland

Enabling Sustainable Thinking in Undergraduate Engineering Education



A.M.Troschinetz, J.R.Mihelcic, K.L.Bradof

Developing Sustainability Indicators for a University Campus



J.B.Zimmerman and J.Vanegas

Using Sustainability Education to Enable the Increase of Diversity in  Science, Engineering, and Technology Related Disciplines



D.R.Hokanson, L.D.Phillips and


Educating Engineers in the Sustainable Futures Model with a Global Perspective: Education, Research and Diversity Perspective



O.Hurtado and C.Hunte

Educating Engineers in Sustainable Energy Development: An Interdisciplinary Approach




Green Design in First- Year Engineering



C.I.Davidson, C.T.Hendrickson and


Sustainable Engineering: A Sequence of Courses at Carnegie Mellon




Evolution of an Interdisciplinary Course in Sustainability and Design for Environment



S.Gössling- Reiseman and A.von Gleich

Training Engineers for sustainability at the University of Bremen



C.S.Slater, R.P.Hesketh, D.Fichana,

J.Henry, A.M.Flynn and M.Abraham

Expanding Frontiers for Chemical Engineers in Green Engineering Education



Part II


Contributions in: Engineering Education Research and Policy,

Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineering,

Chemical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Robotics


D.M.Malicky, S.M.Lord and M.Z.Huang

 A Design Methodology for Choosing an Optimal Pedagogy: the Pedagogy Decision Matrix



M.H.Holmes and R.L.Spilker

Linking Undergraduate Mathematics Education with Engineering



J.Goldberg, K.Lansey and M.Hickman

 Web- Based Engineering Economics – A Multi- semester Experiment



R.Varma and H.Hahn

 Gender Differences in Students’ Experiences in Computing Education in the United States



P.D.Ball, H.J.Grierson, J.Min,

J.K.Jackman and P.Patterson

 Working on an assignment with people you'll never meet! - Case Study on Learning Operations Management in International Teams



A.Bargelis, R.Mankute and D.Cikotiene

Web- based Learning in Engineering and Management Education: An IIDSP Portal for Teaching of Inter- disciplinary Study Modules



W.G.Steele and J.A.Schneider

Undergraduate Laboratory Experiences Using Uncertainty Analysis to Validate Engineering Models with Experimental Data




 Robotic Workcell Design Toolkit for Automated System Integration Education



O. Gomis- Bellmunt, D. Montesinos- Miracle,

J. Bergas- Jané and A. Sudrià- Andreu

A Chemical Process Automation Virtual Laboratory to Teach PLC Programming



A. Díaz Lantada, H. Lorenzo Yustos,

P. Lafont Morgado, J.M. Muñoz-Guijosa,

J. L. Muñoz Sanz and J. Echavarri Otero

Teaching Applications for Rapid Prototyping Technologies


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