Contents Volume 24 Number 1


Part I


Mobile Technologies in Engineering Education (II)


Guest Editors


Kok Kiong Tan, National University of Singapore


Ahmad Ibrahim, RCC Institute of Technology, Toronto


M. S. Wald




K. K. Tan and A. Ibrahim

Guest Editorial



A. A. Economides and N. Nikolaou

Evaluation of Handheld Devices for Mobile Learning



R. Chompu-Inwai and T. L. Doolen

The Impact of Mobile Wireless Technology on Student Attitudes in Higher Education Classrooms



M. Onat

Developing a PC- and SMS-mC-based Stepper Motor Drive Set



A. Istanbullu

Mobilim: Mobile Learning Management Framework System for Engineering Education



S. Aydin and H. Kaptan

Computer-Aided Mobile GPS Education Set



L. Petropoulakis and F. Flood

Interactive Student Engagement Using Wireless Handheld Devices



J. Ma Gutie┬rrez, S. Oto┬n, L. Jime┬nez and R. Barchino

M-learning Enhancement Using 3D Worlds



K. K. Tan, E. B. Tay, K. C. Ong and C-Y. Leong

Mobile Real-Time Feedback System for Education



J. Z. Zhang, M. Teslow and P. Sander

An `Engineering-Health Science' Interdisciplinary Approach to Promoting Mobile Technology for Multidisciplinary Applications



A. Tretiakov and Kinshuk

Towards Designing m-Learning Systems for Maximal Likelihood of Acceptance



M. Milrad and M. H. Jackson

Designing and Implementing Educational Mobile Services in University Classrooms Using Smart Phones and Cellular Networks



B. Ramaswamy, Y. Chen and K. L. Moore

Omni-directional Robotic WheelđA Mobile Real-Time Control Systems Laboratory



S. Palmer and W. Hall

Application of Podcasting in Online Engineering Education



W-H. Wu and W-F. Chen

Effect of Varied Types of Instructional Delivery Media and Messages for Engineering Education: an Experimental Study



J. Chen, Kinshuk, N-S. Chen and T. Lin

Student Profile Transformation between Desktop PCs and Mobile Phones


Part II


Contributions in: Control Engineering, Hydrologic Engineering, Telecommunications,

Assessment, Humanitarian Engineering, University-Industry Cooperation, Manufacturing


V. Cerone, M. Canale and D. Regruto

 Loop-shaping Design with Constant Magnitude Loci in Control Education



A. Elshorbagy

 Accuracy and Uncertainty: A False Dichotomy in Engineering Education. A Case Study from Civil Engineering



A. N. D'Andrea, F. Giannetti, G. Manara, M. Michelini and P. Nepa

A Virtual Educational Laboratory for Telecommunications Engineering



P. Gibbings and L. Brodie

Assessment Strategy for an Engineering Problem-solving Course



B. M. Moskal, C. Skokan, D. Mun─oz and J. Gosink

Humanitarian Engineering: Global Impacts and Sustainability of a Curricular Effort



P. L. Fox, W. L. Worley, S. P. Hundley and K. Wilding

Enhancing Student Learning Through International University▒Industry Cooperation: The GO GREEN Course



F. Amini and S. Rahman

A Systematic and Structured Outcome Assessment Plan for a New Engineering Program



C. W. Ziemian and M. M. Sharma

Adapting Learning Factory Concepts Towards Integrated Manufacturing Education



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