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Part I

Special Issue


Applications of Engineering Education Research—Part 1

Developing Engineering Competencies


Guest Editors


Susan M. Lord—University of San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA

Cynthia J. Finelli—University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA



Cover and Abstracts


Ahmad Ibrahim




Susan M. Lord and Cynthia J. Finelli

Guest Editorial



Jim Borgford-Parnell, Katherine Deibel and

Cynthia J. Atman

From Engineering Design Research to Engineering Pedagogy: Bringing Research Results Directly to the Students



Alan Cheville

Transformative Experiences: Scaffolding Design Learning Through the Vygotsky Cycle



Denny Davis, Michael Trevisan, Robert Gerlick,

Howard Davis, Jay McCormack, Steven Beyerlein,  Phillip Thompson, Susannah Howe, Paul Leiffer

and Patricia Brackin

Assessing Team Member Citizenship in Capstone Engineering Design Courses



Rubeén Rebollar, Iván Lidón, Juan L. Cano, Fernando Gimeno and Palle Qvist

A Tool for Preventing Teamwork Failure: the TFP Questionnaire



Mats Daniels, Ĺsa Cajander, Arnold Pears and

Tony Clear

Engineering Education Research in Practice: Evolving Use of Open Ended Group Projects as a Pedagogical Strategy for Developing Skills in Global Collaboration



Heidi A. Diefes-Dux, Judith S. Zawojewski and

Margret A. Hjalmarson

Using Educational Research in the Design of Evaluation Tools for Open-Ended Problems



Tamara J. Moore and Margret A. Hjalmarson

Developing Measures of Roughness: Problem Solving as a Method to Document Student Thinking in Engineering



Tuba Pinar Yildirim, Larry Shuman and

Mary Besterfield-Sacre

Model-Eliciting Activities: Assessing Engineering Student Problem Solving and Skill Integration Processes



Nikos J. Mourtos

Challenges Students Face in Solving Open-Ended Problems



Thomas Litzinger, Peggy van Meter, Natalia Kapli,

Sarah Zappe and Roxanne Toto

Translating Education Research Into Practice Within an Engineering Education Center: Two Examples Related to Problem Solving



Steve Krause, Jacquelyn Kelly, Amaneh Tasooji,

James Corkins, Dale Baker and Senay Purzer

Effect of Pedagogy on Conceptual Change in an Introductory Materials Science Course



Michael J. Prince, Margot A. S. Vigeant, and

Katharyn E. K. Nottis

Assessing Misconceptions of Undergraduate Engineering Students in the Thermal Sciences



Timothy L. J. Ferris, Elena Sitnikova and

Andrea H. Duff

Building Graduate Capabilities to Communicate Research and Plans Successfully



Jonathan Stolk, Robert Martello, Mark Somerville and John Geddes

Engineering Students Definitions of and Responses to Self-Directed Learning



Linda Vanasupa, Jonathan Stolk and

Trevor Harding

Application of Self-Determination and Self-Regulation Theories to Course Design: Planting the Seeds for Adaptive Expertise



Part II

Contributions in: Simulators, Remote Laboratories, Modelling, Curriculum Design,

Assessment, Prediction of Students Performance, and Innovation



Nenad Jovanović, Dragan Marković,

Dejan Živković and Ranko Popović

SIMAS: A Web-Based Computer System Simulator



Gonzalo Farias, Karl-Erik Ĺrzén, Anton Cervin, Sebastián Dormido and Francisco Esquembre

Teaching Embedded Control Systems



Zhou Rui, Zhou Qingguo, Cheng Guanghui, Wang Baojun, Li Lian and Nicholas McGuire

An Open Source and Network-based Remote Laboratory for Embedded Systems



Amir Aghakouchak and Emad Habib

Application of a Conceptual Hydrologic Model in Teaching Hydrologic Processes



Salvador Perez Canto

Redesign of Syllabus and Evaluation Procedures to Improve University Teaching in Subjects Related to Industrial Engineering in the Context of the European Higher Education Area



J. Peláez Vara, J. Ruiz Calvo, J. V. Martín Fraile

and F. J. Gómez Gil

A Pilot Study on the Adaptation of Mechanical Technology Modules to the European Higher Education Area



Rubén Fraile, Irina Argüelles, Juan C. González, Juana M. Gutiérrez- Arriola, Juan I. Godino-Llorente, César Benavente, Lui Arriero and David Osés

A Systematic Approach to the Pedagogic Design of Final Year Projects: Learning Outcomes, Supervision and Assessment



Shaobo Huang and Ning Fang

Prediction of Student Academic Performance in an Engineering Dynamics Course: Development and Validation of Multivariate Regression Models



R. Scott Evans, Luz-Cristal S. Glangchai and

Steven P. Nichols

Seeding and Harvesting the Innovation Gap: Linking Technology to Social and Market Needs


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