Vol 32-3A




Section I Special Issue

Computer Engineering Education


Guest Editor

Eugenijus Kurilovas—Vilnius University, Lithuania


Section II

Contributions in: Teaching Practices, Assessment, Teamwork, Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Curriculum Development, Project-Based Learning, Biomedical Technology, Robotics, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical  Engineering


Ahmad Ibrahim


Eugenijus Kurilovas

Guest Editorial

Daniel Toll, Tobias Olsson, Morgan Ericsson and Anna Wingkvist

Fine-Grained Recording of Student Programming Sessions to Improve Teaching and Time Estimations

Egle Jasute, Svetlana Kubilinskiene, Anita Juskeviciene and Eugenijus Kurilovas

Personalised Learning Methods and Activities for Computer Engineering Education

Anita Juskeviciene, Egle Jasute, Eugenijus Kurilovas and Jelena Mamcenko

Application of 1:1 Mobile Learning Scenarios in Computer Engineering Education

J. A´ ngel Vela´zquez-Iturbide

GreedEx and OptimEx: Two Tools to Experiment with Optimization Algorithms

Vladimiras Dolgopolovas, Tatjana Jevsikova, Valentina Dagienė and Loreta Savulionienė

Exploration of Computational Thinking of Software Engineering Novice Students Based on Solving Computer Science Tasks

Yoshiaki Matsuzawa, Motoki Hirao

and Sanshiro Sakai

Compile Error Collection Viewer: Visualization of Compile Error Correction History for Self-assessment in Programming  Education

Svetlana Kubilinskiene,

Valentina Dagiene, Inga Zilinskiene

and Eugenijus Kurilovas

Empirical Study on Robotics Application in Lithuanian   Schools

Ekaterina Yagunova, Sergei Pozdniakov, Nina Ryzhova, Evgeniia Razumovskaia,

Nikolay Korovkin

Evaluation of Difficulty and Complexity of Tasks: Case Study of International On-line Competition ‘‘Beaver’’

Jacqueline C. McNeil and

Matthew W. Ohland

The Influence of ABET Accreditation Practices on Faculty Approaches to Teaching

Glenn W. Ellis and Yezhezi Zhang

The Development of 21st Century Skills in the Knowledge Building Environment

M. Rosario Perello-Marin, Pilar I. Vidal-Carreras and Juan A. Marin-Garcia

What Do Undergraduates Perceive About Teamwork?

Kali Prasad Nepal

Simplified Framework for Managing Team Learning in Engineering Subjects

Kyle F. Trenshaw, Renata A. Revelo, Katherine A. Earl and Geoffrey L. Herman

Using Self Determination Theory Principles to Promote Engineering Students’ Intrinsic Motivation to Learn

Rachel L. Kajfez, Holly M. Matusovich

and Walter C. Lee

Designing Developmental Experiences for Graduate Teaching Assistants Using a Holistic Model for Motivation and   Identity

Onnida Thongpravati, Alex Maritz and

Paul Stoddart

Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation through a Biomedical Technology PhD Program in Australia

Justin L. Hess, Nicholas D. Fila  and

Senay Purzer

The Relationship between Empathic and Innovative Tendencies among Engineering Students

Patrícia Schrippe, Flaviani Souto Bolzan Medeiros, Andreas Dittmar Weise, Carla Hartmann Sturm and Jaíne Fatima Koschek

Mapping of the Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum in Industrial Engineering in Brazil


Nicholas Loyd and Sampson Gholston

Implementation of a Plan-Do-Check-Act Pedagogy in   Industrial Engineering Education

Young Jae Jang and Vina Sari Yosephine

LEGO Robotics Based Project for Industrial Engineering Education

B rbara Rangel, Ana Sofia Guimara˜es, Ana Vaz S  and Fernando Branda˜o Alves

Integrated Design Concept in Civil Engineering Education

Alberto Abello´, Xavier Burgue´s, M. José Casany, Carme Martín, Carme Quer, M. Elena Rodríguez, Oscar Romero and Toni Urpí

A Software Tool for E-Assessment of Relational Database Skills

Luca Di Angelo, Francesco Leali and Paolo Di Stefano

Can Open-Source 3D Mechanical CAD Systems Effectively Support University Courses?

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