IJEE Contents Volume 22 Number 5


Part I


Special issue


Knowledge Building in Materials Science


Guest editors


Caroline Baillie


Queens University, Canada


Linda Vanasupa


California State Polytechnic University


San Luis Obispo









Caroline Baillie

Guest editorial



David Brandon

Educating Materials Engineers



Richard Savage

The Role of Design in Materials Science and Engineering



Bradley Diak

Strength by Chocolate



Jonathan Stolk and

Robert Martello

Pedagogical Fusion: 

Integration, Student Direction, and Project- Based Learning in a Materials Science- History of Technology Course Block



Sam Zhang.

Teaching Electron Configuration the Musical Way



Caroline Baillie, Peter Goodhew and Elena Skryabina

Threshold Concepts in Engineering education – Exploring Potential Blocks in Student Understanding



Ryan Deacon,Clifford Prescott and Wojciech Misiolek

The “Lehigh Model” for Introduction of Engineering to High School Students at ASM Materials Camp



Joao Mano

Classroom Methods for Demonstrating, Modelling and Analysing Viscoelasticity of Solids



Stefanus Muryanto

Concept Mapping; an Interesting and Useful Learning Tool for Chemical Engineering Laboratories



Ali kurt,Cemalettin Kubat and Ercan Oztemel

Web- Based Virtual Testing and Learning In Material Science and Engineering



J.Hashemi,N.Chandrachekar and E.E.Anderson

Design and Development of an Interactive Web based Environment for Measurement of Hardness in Metals:A Distance Learning Tool


Part II


Contributions in Engineering Education Research, Engineering Design, Simulation and Games,

Pre-college Education, Logistics, Engineering Systems, Sports Engineering


Oktay Baysal,Mehti Koklu and Ahmed Noor

Design Optimization Module for Hierarchical Research and Learning Environment



Frode Sandnes,

Yo- Ping Huang and Hua Li- Jian

Experiences of Teaching Engineering Students in Taiwan from a Western Perspective



Randy Weinstein, James O’Brien,

Edward Char, Joseph Yost, Kenneth Muske,

Howard Fulmer,John Wolf and William Koffke

A Multidisciplinary, Hands- on, Freshman Engineering Team Design Project and Competition



Yavgeniya Zastavker, Jill Crisman,

Mark Jeunete and Burt Tilley

Kinetic Sculptures: A Centerpiece Project Integrated with Mathematics and Physics



Bjarne Foss and Tor Eikaas

Game play in Engineering Education – Concept and Experimental Results



Juan Montero, Ruben Segundo, Javier Guarasa,Ricardo de Cordoba and Javier Ferreiros

Methodology for the analysis of Instructor’s Grading Discrepancies in a Laboratory Course



A.Garcia- Beltran and R.Martinez

Web Assisted self- Assessment in Computer Programming Learning using AulaWeb



Paul Steif and Mary Hansen

Comparisons Between Performances in a Statics Concept Inventory and Course Examinations



Timothy solzak and Andreas Polycarpou

Engineering Outreach to Cub Scouts with Hands- on Activities Pertaining to the Pinewood Derby Car Race



Levent Yilmaz

Expanding Our Horizons in Teaching the Use of Intelligent Agents for Simulation Modeling of Next Generation Engineering Systems



Mehmet Barut, Bayram Yildirim and

Kemal Kilic

Designing a Global Multi- Disciplinary Classroom: A Learning Experience in Supply Chain Logistics Management



M.P.Caine, R.Jones nd A.R.Crawford

Developing an Industrially Supported Sports Technology Degree: a Case Study





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