Contents Volume 24 number 3


Contributions in: Engineering Education Research, Service Learning, Distance Laboratories, Studio Courses, University-Industry Cooperation, Mechanics, Manufacturing Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Mobile Technologies



Cover and Abstracts






D.Schaad, L.F.Franzoni,

C.Paul,A.Bauer and K.Morgan

A Perfect Storm:  Examining Natural Disasters by Combining Traditional Teaching Methods with Service-Learning and Innovative Technology



M.G.Helander and M.R.Emami

Engineering eLaboratories:Integration of Remote Access and eCollaboration



R.M.Counce, P.R.Bienkowski, S..Singh, J.D.Randolph,. T.Jubin,B.E.Lewis L.C.Markel, R.A.Reimer, B.E.Murphree, RA.Heckrotte and B.W.Alderson

University Partnerships with Industry and Government



B.L.Kinsey, E.Towle,

E.J.O’Brien and C.F.Bauer

Analysis of Self-efficacy and Ability Related to Spatial Tasks and the Effect on Retention for Students in Engineering




and B.Taylor

Best Practices for Enabling Effective Cross-Disciplinary Learning in Interdisciplinary Project Groups



E.Gomez, J.Caja, B.M.Berzal, P.Maresca

Educational Programme for Virtual Calibration in Dimensional Metrology: Development and Evaluation



R.Stephen,D.S.Lay and J.D.McCowan

Using the Technology of University Buildings in Engineering Education



C.McDougall, J.Fitzwilliam and M.Green

Floor Beam Testing Laboratory for Teaching Beam Bending Mechanics




In Class Paper Demonstrations and Experiments for Solid Mechanics Courses




An Experiment in Hands-On Learning in Engineering Mechanics: Statics



N.Fang, G.A.Stewardson and M.M.Lubke

Enhancing Student Learning of An Undergraduate Manufacturing Course with Computer Simulations




A methodology for Combining Development and Research in Teaching Undergraduate Software Engineering



H.Hassan, D.J.Martinez, A.Perles,

JAlbaladejo and J.Capella

Integrated Multicourse Project Based Learning in Electronic Engineering



S.Porta, R.Cabeza and A.Villanueva

Making Things Simpler in Circuit Theory



D.G.Walker, M.Stremler, J.Johnston,

 D.Bruff and S.P.Brophy

Case study on the Perception of Learning when Tablet PCs are used as a Presentation Medium in Engineering Classrooms



J.C.Chen, J.A.Kardlowec

and D.C.Whittinghill

Using Handheld Computers for Instantaneous Feedback to Enhance Student Learning and Promote Interaction




Instructional Material for Laboratory Sessions Aimed at Designing a Robust low Distortion Audio Amplifier



R.Kilic and B.Karauz

Chaos Training Boards: Versatile Pedagogical Tools for Educating Chaotic Circuits and Systems


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