Contents Vol 25-3


Part I


Outreach to Prospective Engineering Students


Guest Editors


Kok Kiong Tan, National University of Singapore

Lawrence J. Genalo, Iowa State University

Igor M. Verner, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology





A. Ibrahim,




Kok Kiong Tan, L. J. Genalo and I. M. Verner

Guest Editorial: Outreach to Prospective Engineering Students



R. Jain, B. Shanahan and C. Roe

Broadening the Appeal of Engineering-Addressing Factors Contributing to Low Appeal and High Attrition



P. Hylton and W. Otoupal

Engaging Secondary School Students in Pre-Engineering Studies to Improve Skills and Develop Interest in Engineering Careers



D. Sporea and A. Sporea

Outreach Activities for Pre-University School Students Coordinated by the Centre for Science Education and Training



S. E. Watkins, M. A. Huggans and S. J. Bentley

Pre-College Outreach at a Technical Conference



S. Amato-Henderson, J. B. Lehman and P. Cattelino

Outreach to Prospective Engineering Students Assessing Michigan Technological University's YES! Expo



S. Thompson and J. Lyons

Engineering Outreach in Middle School: The Influence of a Long-Term, School-Based Collaboration



A. R. Carberry and W. J. Church

HS-STOMP: High School Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program



E. DeBartolo and M. Bailey

The TEAK Project: Students as Teachers



G. E. Slaughter and K. Ngandu

Diversifying Engineering Education for Richmond Area Program for Minorities in Engineering



O. Gleiche, H. Thye, K. Delto and H. Garbe

Sparking Pupils' Engineering Interest with Laboratory `TechLab'



G. L. Winn, D. Lewis and R. Curtis

Bridging Engineering Education to High School Science Teachers Using TIME Kits



K. Z. Tang, K. K. Tan, Y. H. Goh, A. Tay,

S. N. Huang and T. H. Lee

Development of a Framework and System for Remote Electronics Experiments



G. W. Ellis, K. L. Silva, T. Epstein and N. C. Giammaria

Artificial Intelligence in Pre-College Education: Learning within a Philosophy of the Mind Framework



S. S. Klein

Effective STEM Professional Development: A Biomedical Engineering RET Site Project



B. Haberman, C. Yehezkel and H. Salzer

Making the Computing Professional Domain More Attractive: an Outreach Program for Prospective Students



Part II


Contributions in: Assessment, Collaborative learning, Remote laboratories, Automotive

Engineering, Energy management, Mechanical Engineering, and Nanotechnology


K. N. Le, V. W. Y. Tam and L. Tam

Assessment schemes in engineering courses using spectral techniques



E. Gómez-Sánchez, M. L. Bote-Lorenzo, I. M. Jorrín-Abellán, G. Vega-Gorgojo, J. I. Asensio-Pérez

and Y. A. Dimitriadis

Conceptual framework for design, technological support and evaluation of collaborative learning



B. Allen, A. Crosky, I. McAlpine, M. Hoffman and P. Munroe

A Blended Approach to Collaborative Learning Making Large Group Teaching More Student-Centred



I. M. Michaelides and P. C. Eleftheriou

Using Engineering Remote Laboratories to Enhance Student Learning - a Distributed Learning Experience



F. J. Sánchez, F. Aparicio, M. A. Alvarez and F. Jiménez

SAE Formula Project for Developing Personal and Professional Skills in Automotive Engineers



J. Galindo, H. Climent, J. M. García-Oliver and J. Gimeno

Cogeneration Workshop for Energy Management Courses by Means of Spreadsheets



V. Eveloy and P. Rodgers

Introducing Mechanical Engineering to Students in the Gulf Region



S. Wansom, T. O. Mason, M. C. Hersam, D. Drane,

G. Light, R. Cormia, S. Stevens and G. Bodner

A Rubric for Post-Secondary Degree Programs in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


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