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Special Issue


Sustaining Sustainable Design


Guest Editors


Clive L. DymHarvey Mudd College

Janis P. TerpennyVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University




Ahmad Ibrahim




Clive L. Dym and Janis P. Terpenny

Guest Editorial



Clive L. Dym

Sustainability: Affirming Engineering Values



Malcolm Lewis

Sustainability: The View from a Practitioner’s Perspective



Andrew Lau

Sustainable Design: A New Paradigm for Engineering Education



Bruce Corson

Sustainable Design as a Sustained Upstream Effort



Gaurav Ameta, Jitesh H. Panchal and Charles Pezeshki

A Collective-Learning Approach to Sustainable Design Education



Micah Lande and Larry Leifer

Difficulties Student Engineers Face Designing the Future



Aditya Johri

Open Organizing: Designing Sustainable Work Practices for the Engineering Workforce



Cesar Cardenas, Ricardo Sosa, Raul Moysen

and Victor Martinez

Sustaining Sustainable Design Through Systemic Thinking



Benjamin Linder

Achieving a Sustainable Environmental Perspective



John Oliver, Roland Geyer, Alan Savage, Frederic T. Chong, Rajeevan Amirtharajah and Venkatesh Akella

Experiences with Life-cycle Aware Computer Architecture



Deborah Kilgore, Andrew Jocuns, Ken Yasuhara

and Cynthia J. Atman

From Beginning to End: How Engineering Students Think and Talk About Sustainability Across the Life Cycle



Elizabeth Gerber, Ann McKenna, Penny Hirsch and Charles Yarnoff

Learning to Waste and Wasting to Learn? How to Use Cradle to Cradle Principles to Improve the Teaching of Design



Robin S. Adams, Natalie Beltz, Llewellyn Mann and Denise Wilson

Exploring Student Differences in Formulating Cross-Disciplinary Sustainability Problems



Johannes Strobel, Inez Hua, Jun Fang and Constance Harris

Not all Constraints are Equal: Stewardship and Boundaries of Sustainability as Viewed by First-Year Engineering Students



Richard M. Goff, Christopher Williams, Janis P. Terpenny, Karen Gilbert, Tamara Knott and Jenny Lo

ROXIE: Real Outreach eXperiences In Engineering First-Year Engineering Students Designing for Community Partners



Mary Kathryn Thompson

Green Design in Cornerstone Courses at KAIST: Theory and Practice



Monica E. Cardella, Stephen R. Hoffmann, Matthew W. Ohland and Alice L. Pawley

Sustaining Sustainable Design through Normalized Sustainability in a First-Year Engineering Course



Warren Stiver

Sustainable Design in a Second Year Engineering Design Course



Jeff Morris and Mark Steiner

Quantifying Sustainability through Reverse Engineering: A Multi-Disciplinary Senior Capstone Experience



Jinny Rhee, Eugene C. Cordero and Lawrence R. Quill

Pilot Implementation of an Interdisciplinary Course on Climate Solutions



Steve Lambert

Sustainable Design Throughout the Curriculum Using Case Studies



Christopher B. Williams, Lisa D. McNair, Erin D. Crede, Marie C. Paretti and Janis P. Terpenny

Designing Hands-On Teaming Activities: Exploring Sustainability Tradeoffs for Courses with Large Enrollments



Derrick Tate, Timothy Maxwell, Atila Ertas, Hong-Chao Zhang, Design Urs Peter Flueckiger, William Lawson, A. Dean Fontenot and John Chandler

Transdisciplinary Approaches for Teaching and Assessing Sustainable



Martin H. Bremer, Eduardo Gonzalez and Emilio Mercado

Teaching Creativity and Innovation Using Sustainability as Driving Force



Linda Vanasupa, Roger Burton, Jonathan Stolk, Julie B. Zimmerman, Larry J. Leifer and Paul T. Anastas

The Systemic Correlation Between Mental Models and Sustainable Design: Implications for Engineering Educators



Julie S. Linsey and Vimal K. Viswanathan

Innovation Skills for Tomorrow’s Sustainable Designers



Marie C. Paretti, David M. Richter and Lisa D. McNair

Sustaining Interdisciplinary Projects in Green Engineering: Teaching to Support Distributed Work



Philip E. Doepker

Sustaining Sustainable Engineering Design Projects



Corinna Fleischmann, Sarah Thompson, Luke Zitzman, Luis Garcia and Nicole Gurr

Sustainability: A Campus Initiative



Lora Oehlberg, Ryan Shelby and Alice Agogino

Sustainable Product Design: Designing for Diversity in Engineering Education



John W. Wesner and Clive L. Dym

What We Have Learned at Mudd Design Workshop VII: Sustaining Sustainable Design



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