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Part I

Special Issue


Applications of Engineering Education Research—Part 2

Building Engineering Communities


Guest Editors


Susan M. Lord—University of San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA

Cynthia J. Finelli—University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA



Covers and Abstracts


Ahmad Ibrahim




Susan M. Lord and Cynthia J. Finelli

Guest Editorial



Maria Dobryakova and Isak Froumin

Higher Engineering Education in Russia: Incentives for Real Change



Lisa C. Benson, Kurt Becker, Melanie M. Cooper, O. Hayden Griffin and Karl A. Smith

Engineering Education: Departments, Degrees and Directions



Natalie A. Tran and Mitchell J. Nathan

The Effects of Pre-Engineering Studies on Mathematics and Science Achievement for High School Students



Stacy S. Klein-Gardner, Sean P. Brophy,

Melanie J. Aston and Cynthia B. Paschal

Biomedical Imaging Education: Safe, Inexpensive Hands-On Learning



Glenn W. Ellis, Alan N. Rudnitsky

and Mary A. Moriarty

Theoretic Stories: Creating Deeper Learning in Introductory Engineering Courses



Teri Reed-Rhoads, P. K. Imbrie,

Kamyar Haghighi, David F. Radcliffe,

Sean Brophy, Matthew W. Ohland

and Eric Holloway

Creating the Ideas to Innovation Learning Laboratory: A First-Year Experience Based on Research



Lisa C. Benson, Marisa K. Orr,

Sherrill B. Biggers, William F. Moss,

Matthew W. Ohland and Scott D. Schiff

Student-Centered Active, Cooperative Learning in Engineering



Shane Brown and Cara Poor

In-Class Peer Tutoring: A Model for Engineering Instruction



Martin McCarthy

The Application of Social Learning Theory and Communities of Practice to a Complex, Ill-Defined Domain in Engineering



Denis Gillet

Tackling Engineering Education Research Challenges: Web 2.0 Social Software for Personal Learning



David Franquesa, Josep-Llorenç Cruz,

Carlos Alvarez, Fermín Sánchez,

Agustín Fernández and David López

The Social and Environmental Impact of Engineering Solutions: from the Lab to the Real World



Donald D. Carpenter, Trevor S. Harding,

and Cynthia J. Finelli

Using Research to Identify Academic Dishonesty Deterrents Among Engineering Undergraduates


Part II


Contributions in:
Qualifications recognition, students attitudes, motivational factors–learning quality evaluation,

Evaluation of engineering schools performance, entrepreneurship,

Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Control Systems laboratories and simulations,

Power Hydraulics, Thermal Modeling, Capstone Projects, Signal Processing


Marcia R. Friesen

Development of an Engineering Qualifications Recognition Program for Immigrant Professionals: a Case Study



Qaiser Malik, Matthew J. Koehler,

Punya Mishra, Neeraj Buch, Michael Shanblatt and Steven J. Pierce

Understanding Student Attitudes in a Freshman Design Sequence



Hoda Baytiyeh and Mohamad K. Naja

Students’ Enrollment in Engineering: Motivational Factors



Miladin Stefanovic, Danijela Tadic,

Slavko Arsovski, Zora Arsovski

and Aleksandar Aleksic

A Fuzzy Multicriteria Method for E-learning Quality Evaluation



Elif Kongar, Jani Macari Pallis

and Tarek M. Sobh

Non-parametric Approach for Evaluating the Performance of Engineering Schools



Miri Yemini and Jehuda Haddad

Engineer–Entrepreneur: Combining Technical Knowledge with Entrepreneurship Education—The Israeli Case Study



Mustafa Yüzükirmizi

Educational Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Labs in Turkey: A Field Study



T. D. Murphey and J. S. Falcon

Programming from the Ground Up in Control Laboratories



Michael A. Fleming and Robert G. Landers

Design and Implementation of a Linear Axis Rapid Development System for Education



Raúl Barrio, Eduardo Blanco, Jorge Parrondo

and Joaquín Fernández

Using Home-made Virtual Labs in Higher Education: An Experience in Teaching Power Hydraulics



Juan-Jesus Luna-Rodriguez, Daniel Tocados-Castro, Marta Varo-Martinez, Pilar Martinez-Jimenez and Vicente Barranco-Lopez

Simul-Therm: A MATLAB/Simulink Blockset of Thermal Modelling and Simulation for Engineering Education



Hussain Al-Rizzo, Seshadri Mohan, Melissa Reed, Dwayne Kinley, Zak Hemphill, Chris Finley, Amanda Pope, Doug Osborn and Wayne Crolley

Directional-Based Cellular e-Commerce: Undergraduate Systems Engineering Capstone Design Project



Begoña García Zapirain, Amaia Méndez Zorrilla Ibon Ruiz Oleagordia and Javier Vicente Sáez

Developing Signal Processing Applications using MultiPAS in Accordance with the Bologna Requirements




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