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Contributions in: Analysis of the IJEE Impact, First Generation, Engineering Undergraduates, Relevance of Physics, Sustainable Design, Undergraduate Research, Gender, Inclusivity, Assessment, Sociotechnical Integration, PBL, Active Learning, Blended Learning, Motivation, Work-Integrated Learning, Course Development, Competition-Based Learning, First-Year Students, Instrument Development, Systems Thinking, Visual Communications, YouTube, Professional Skills, Constructive Alignment, Leadership


Ahmad Ibrahim




Cory Brozina, Andrew Katz and Aditya Johri

* Taking Stock: Analysis of IJEE Publications from 1996–2020 to Examine Impact and Coverage of Topics



Ning Fang

A Non-Parametric Statistical Analysis of the Relationship Between College

GPA and ACT Scores for First- and Continuing-Generation Engineering Undergraduates



Monica Quezada-Espinoza, Angeles Dominguez and Genaro Zavala

Academic and Professional Relevance of Physics: Comparing Perceptions of Engineering Students from Mexico and Chile



Weixia Gao, Wei Wang and Jihong Yu

Insights into Sustainable Design Education: A Bibliometric and Visual Analysis



A. A. Del Savio, L. M. Cáceres and K. Galantini

A Methodology for Embedding Research Competencies in an Undergraduate Civil Engineering Program



Mary Luz Mouronte-López and Juana Savall Ceres

Analyzing Enrollment in Information & Communication Technology Programs and Use of Social Networks Based on Gender



Fermín Sánchez-Carracedo, Ferran Sabate and Karina Gibert

A Methodology to Assess the Sustainability Competencies in Engineering Undergraduate Programs



Laura A. Gelles and Susan M. Lord

* Pedagogical Considerations and Challenges for Sociotechnical Integration within a Materials Science Class



Kyle M. Whitcomb, Alexandru Maries and Chandralekha Singh

* Examining Gender Differences in a Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Curriculum



Liliana Fernández-Samacá, Oscar Iván Higuera-Martínez and Camilo Andrés Sanabria-Totaitive

Building Small Prototypes in a PBL Intervention for Learning Automatic Control Systems



Laura J. Leslie, Paul C. Gorman and Sarah Junaid

Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) as an Effective Learning Framework for Embedding Professional Skills



Jelena Milošević

Implementing a Blended Design Studio Model in Architectural Engineering Education



Kai Jun Chew

* Interaction Between Learning Assessment and Student Motivation: A Scoping Review



F. J. S. Velasco, José-Ángel Diaz-Madrid, Inmaculada Arboleda-Guirao,Óscar de Francisco Ortiz, J. A. B Conesa, Nicolás Madrid Garcia, Andrés Dolón Payán, Carmen de Nieves Nieto and Ricardo Teruel Sánchez

* Students’ Perceptions of Key Competencies Supporting Work-Integrated Learning



Benjamin D. Chambers, Homero Murzi, Matthew James, David Gray and Holly M. Matusovich

* Course Development in a First Year Engineering Program: The Interplay of Autonomy, Peer Relationships, and Content



Alicia Triviño-Cabrera, Antonio Jesus Yuste-Delgado, Juan Carlos Cuevas-Martínez and Salvador Pineda

* Competition-based Learning in Engineering Degree Programs



Ahmed Ashraf Butt, Kadir Kozan and Muhsin Menekse

The Relationship between Students’ Study Strategies and their Academic Performance in an Introductory Engineering Course with Standards-Based Grading



Karen E. Rambo-Hernandez, Rebecca A. Atadero, Christina H. Paguyo, Melissa Morris, Seoyeon Park, A. M. Aramati Casper, Blaine Austin Pedersen, Jeremy Schwartz (Graduate Student) and Robin A. M. Hensel

* Valuing Diversity and Enacting Inclusion in Engineering (VDEIE): Validity Evidence for a New Scale



Yuzhen Luo, Kurt Becker, John Gero, Idalis Villanueva Alarcon and Oenardi Lawanto

* Systems Thinking in Engineering Design: Differences in Expert vs. Novice



Uchenna Asogwa, T. Ryan Duckett, Amanda P. Malefyt, Lindsey Stevens, Gale Mentzer and Matthew W. Liberatore

Comparing Engineering Problem-Solving Ability and Problem Difficulty Between Textbook and Student-Written YouTube Problems



Maurice Danaher, Anthony Rhodes and Ashley Ater Kranov

Applying the Computing Professional Skills Assessment Method to ESL Students in a Computing Program



Bahar Memarian and Susan McCahan

* Constructive Alignment Integrated Rating (CAIR) in the Assessment of Engineering Problem-Solving



Rebecca Komarek, Angela R. Bielefeldt and Daniel W. Knight

* Influences of Engineering Students’ College Experiences on Leadership Skill Assurance




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