Contents Volume 21 number 4


Part I


Special Issue


MATLAB and Simulink in Engineering Education


Guest Editor: Ahmad Ibrahim


RCC Institute of Technology, Toronto







Ahmad Ibrahim

Guest Editorial


 MATLAB and Simulink in Engineering Education

B.Wilamowski and R.Gottiparthy

 Active and Passive Filter Design with MATLAB

L.Jiang, K.Wiklund and S. Hykin

A Simulink Laboratory Package for Teaching Adaptive Filtering Concepts

F.Mudeen and K.Gabriel

The Development of a MATLAB Instrumentation Tutor

W.S.Gan and S.M.Kuo

Transition from Simulink to MATLAB in Real Time for Digital Signal Processing Education

D.Hercog and K.Jezernik

 Rapid Control Prototyping using MATLAB/Simulink and DSP- based Motor Control

M.Varadarajan and S.P.Valsan

MatPECS- A MATLAB based Power Electronic Circuit Simulation Package with GUI for Effective Classroom Teaching

J.Z.Zhang, R.Adams and K.Burbank

 Theory, Practice and Systems- A new Approach to Teaching Electronic Communications with MATLAB

H.S.Lim and W.K.Wong

Interactive Teaching of Multiusers for DS- CDMA Systems using MATLAB

S.Singh, S.Bhatt, S.Kapoor,A.Bhavsar and B.P.Kumar

 Graphical User Interface based FD- TD Algorithm for Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields

R.Dua, S.E.Watkins, S.A.Mulder and D.C.Wunsch

MATLAB- based Introduction to Neural Networks for a Sensors Curriculum

E.D.Ubeyli and I.Guler

 Teaching Automated Diagnostic Systems for Doppler Ultra Sound Blood Flow Signals to Biomedical Engineering Students using MATLAB

C.Riverol, S.Andrade and J.Cooney

A Laboratory Course on Real-Time Control for Food Engineering

J.Garcia, J.L.Martinez, R.Garcia,E.Garcia A.Aparicio and M.J.Cocero

 MATLAB, an Easy and Powerful Tool for Laboratory Experiment Design in Chemical Engineering

L.Ohrstrom, G.Svensson, S.Larsson,M.Christie and C.Niklasson

The Pedagogical Implications of using MATLAB in an Integrated Chemistry and Mathematics Course

H.P.Wallin, U.Carlsson, U.Ross, and K.Gaidi

Evaluation of Methods and Materials for First Year Engineering Students



Part II


Contributions in Engineering Education Research,

Environmental Engineering, Assessment,

Mechanical Engineering,

Control Engineering, and Software Engineering


S.Kolari,E L.Viskari and C.Savander- Ranne

Improving Student Learning in an Environmental Engineering Program with a Research Study Project

A.K.Kaw, G.H.Besterfeld and J.Eison

Assessment of a Web- enhanced Course in Numerical Methods

P.Steif and A.Dollar

Reinventing the Teaching of Statics

T.K.Hamrita,W.D.Potter and B.Bishop

Robotics, Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Education Initiatives: An Interdisciplinary Approach

A.Smaili and S.Chehade

Effective Integration of Mechatronics into the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum: A Cooperative, Project- based Learning Model with Seamless Lab/Lecture Implementation


Design of a Waterjet- Propelled Barge: A first Computer Modeling Project


Quantitative Modeling of an Air Conditioning Problem

X.Yu and B.Ram

Teaching Intelligent Agents to Industrial Engineering Majors


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