Contents Volume 21 number 5


Part I


Special Issue


MATLAB and Simulink in Engineering Education (II)


Guest Editor


Ahmad Ibrahim

RCC Institute of Technology, Toronto









Ahmad Ibrahim

Guest Editorial



J.Ahlström and M.Christie

Using a MATLAB Exercise to Improve the Teaching and Learning of Heat Conduction during Welding



P.Krysl and A.Trivedi

Instructional Use of MATLAB Software Components for Computational Structural Engineering Applications



N.M.M. Ramos, J.M.P.Q. Delgado and

V.P. de Freitas

Modelling and Solving Building Physics Problems using MATLAB/Simulink



A.R. Sartorius, L.Hernández ,I.Santana,

E. Rubio,  I.Santana and R.Aracil

Platform for Distance Development of Complex Automatic Control Strategies using MATLAB



J. Sánchez, E.Esquembere, C.Martin, S.Dormido, S.Dormido-Canto, R.D.Canto, R.Pastor and A.Urquia

Easy Java Simulations: an Open-Source Tool to Develop Interactive Virtual Laboratories using MATLAB/Simulink





A. Tornambè

Analysis and Synthesis on the Simulink Environment of Control Laws for DC Motors: a Real-time Implementation with the Microcomputer BASIC Stamp II as a Simple Tool for an Education Control Laboratory



N. S. Tlale and P. Zhang

Teaching the Design of Parallel Manipulator and Their Controllers Implementing MATLAB, Simulink, SimMechanics and CAD 



Wahyudi, A.Albagul, and

Momoh J. E. Salami

Development of Microcontroller-based Control System with a Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) Method for Controls Education using MATLAB /Simulink/xPC Target 



K. Bin Isa and A.Bin Jantan

Autonomous Vehicle Driving Control System



F. G. Martins

Tuning PID Controllers Using ITAE Criterion



A.Smaili, N.Attalah, and F.Zeineddine

SoftLink: A MATLAB /Simulink Based Code for the Analysis, Synthesis, Optimization and Simulation of Mechanisms



J.B. Dabney and F. H. Ghorbel

Enhancing an Advanced Engineering Mechanics Course using MATLAB and Simulink



A.Albagul, O.O.Khalifa and Wahyudi

MATLAB and Simulink in Mechatronics Education



M.S. Habib

Enhancing Mechanical Engineering Deep Learning approach by Integrating MATLAB/Simulink into its Curricula        



N.J. Salamon

Computer Generated Shapes in Engineering Design with MATLAB






Part II


Contributions in Engineering Education Research, Collaborative Projects,

Automation Systems, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and

Geotechnical Engineering


P.C.Wankat and S.Oreovicz

Teaching Prospective Engineering Faculty How to Teach



M.I.Campbell and K.I.Schmidt

An Undergraduate Online Portfolio System that Encourages Personal Reflection and Career Planning



E.Erdil, M.Garip, A.Bilsel and A.Bulancak

Content Evaluation of Traditional Core Physics Courses in Engineering Curricula



A.Bufardi, P.Xirouchakis, J.Duhovnik and

I. Horvath

Collaborative Design Aspects in European Global Product Realization



A.Rosado-Munoz, J.Munoz-Mari,

J.Calpe-Maravilla, J.Guerola-Tortosa and W.Blay-Corcho

An Industrial Communication Networks Laboratory for Distributed Automation Systems




Contribution of International Environmental Design Competitions in Raising the Profile of Environmental Education of Engineering Students



F.C.Walsh,P.Trinidad and D.Gilroy-

Conversion Expressions for Electrochemical Reactors which Operate under Mass Transport Controlled Reactions-Part II:Batch Recycle and Cascade Loop Reactors



S.Sadek and M.El-Khouri

The ABC’s of Soil Nailing: an Integrated Tutorial and Knowledge-based Approach to Teaching Design


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