Contents Volume 22 number 2  2006










Engineering Education Research and Policy



H-J.Witt, J,R.Alabart, F.Giralt J.Herrero, L.Vernis and M.Medir

A Competency-Based Educational Model in a Chemical Engineering School



J.F.Vivas and V.Allada

Enhancing Engineering Education using Thematic Case Based Learning



J.T.McLeskey, J.E.Speich, J.S.Richardson and M.Gad-el-Hak

Evaluation of an Experiential Engineering Library



S.Haag,E.Guibeau and W.Goble

Assessing Engineering Internship Efficacy: Industry’s Perception of Student Performance



C-K.Chen and K-Y.Hsu

Creativity of Engineering Students as Perceived by Faculty: a Case Study




The Art of estimation



W.H.Fok and A.H.P.Chow

The Engineering Graduate Training Scheme ‘A’ (Civil)  of  the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers-a Comparison with civil engineering graduate training schemes



Gender Studies



Women Engineering Graduates from the 1970s, 80s and 90s: Constraints and Possibilities of a Non-Traditional Career Path



Information Technology


H.Yang and R.Chein

Communication Component Fabrication Educational Program for Information Technology



Electrical and Electronic Engineering



P.Lundgren, K.O.Jeppsen and A.Ingerman

Lab on the web – Looking at Different Ways of

Experiencing Electronic Experiments




J-H.Su, C-L.Chien, J-J.Chen and C-M.Wang

SIMULINK Behavior Models for dc-dc Switching Converter Circuits using PWM Control ICs



M.Haridim, H.Matzner and N.Thirer

Efficient Moment Method Solution for the Parallel-Plate Transmission Line Revisited



Industrial Engineering


W.B.Lee, H.C.W.Lau and A.Ning

An Integrated Study Methodology for Learning Strategic Inventory Management



Manufacturing Engineering


X.R.Zhang, T.Fisher, Y.C.Shin, E.D.Hirleman and F.E.Pfefferkorn

Integration of Microscale Fabrication in an Undergraduate Manufacturing Elective



Engineering Design


O.Diegel,W.L.Xu and J.Potgieter

A Case Study of Rapid Prototype as Design in Educational Engineering Projects



Engineering Graphics


M.L.M.Muneta and J.F.Mindan

An Oriented Constraint-Solving Based Methodology Approach to Learning dimensioning



Thermal Engineering


R.Cabello, J.Navarro-Esbri, R.Llopis and E.Torella

Infrared Thermography as a Useful Tool to Improve Learning in Heat Transfer Related Subjects





A.Dollar and P.S.Steif

Learning Modules for Statics



M.Nagurka ands.Huang

A Mass-Spring-Damper Model of a Bouncing Ball




Planar Vector Equations in Engineering



Software engineering


S,Wang and L.Yilmaz

A Strategy and Tool Support to Motivate the Study of Formal Methods in Undergraduate Software Design and Modelling Courses





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