Contents Vol 25-4


Editor: Ahmad Ibrahim


Part I
Special Issue: Instructional Technologies in Engineering Education

Guest Editors:

Kinshuk, Athabasca University, Canada

Tzu-Chien Liu, National Central University, Taiwan

Mohamed Jemni, University of Tunis, Tunisia





A. Ibrahim




Kinshuk, Tzu-Chien Liu and Mohamed Jemni

Guest Editorial: Instructional Technologies in Engineering Education



L. de Marcos, R. Barchino, J. J. Martínez

and J. A. Gutiérrez

A New Method for Domain Independent Curriculum Sequencing: A Case Study in a Web Engineering Master Program



M. Laabidi and M. Jemni

PBAE: New UML Profile Based Formalism to Model Accessibility in E-Learning Systems



C. Alvarez, M. Nussbaum, M. Recabarren,

F. Gomez and D. Radovic

Teaching Communication, Interpersonal and Decision-Making Skills in Engineering Courses Supported by Technology



P. Sancho, R. Fuentes-Fernández, P. P. Gómez-Martín,

and B. Fernández-Manjón

Applying Multiplayer Role-Based Learning in Engineering Education: Three Case Studies to Analyze the Impact on Students' Performance



S. Kim, M. Cha and J. Hong

Analyzing Needs, Readiness, and Epistemological Beliefs of Students and Faculty to Implement University 2.0 as Social Platform of Teaching and Learning



W-J. Shyr

Internet-Based Laboratory Platform for Distance Learning in Engineering



Y. S. Kim and E. Wang

Intelligent Visual Reasoning Tutor: an Intelligent Tutoring System for Visual Reasoning in Engineering & Architecture



H-P. Yueh and H-J. Sheen

Developing Experiential Learning with a Cohort-blended Laboratory Training in Nano-bio Engineering Education



W-F. Chen

Teaching Problem Solving in Engineering Education: Expert Systems Construction



M. Rippel, D. Schaefer, F. Mistree

and J. H. Panchal

Fostering Collaborative Learning and Mass-Customization of Education in a Graduate Engineering Design Course



N. Baloian and W. Luther

Cooperative Visualization of Cryptographic Protocols Using Concept Keyboards



D. Tappan

ShelbySim: a Transparent, Pedagogy-oriented Simulator for Computer-based Systems



P. Kosec, M. Debevc and A. Holzinger

Towards Equal Opportunities in Computer Engineering Education: Design, Development and Evaluation of Video-based e-Lectures



M. Ashoori, Z. Shen, C. Miao and L. Peyton

Pedagogical Agents for Personalized Multi-user Virtual Environments



Part II

Contributions in: Active learning, Design-based learning, Computer Engineering,

Electrical Engineering, Robotics, and Mechanical Engineering



J. Marcos-Acevedo, S. Pérez-López, J. Sánchez-Real,

R. Alvarez-Santos and M. Suárez Alvarez

Active Learning Approach for Engineering in Collaboration with the Corporate World



B. Reynolds, M. M. Mehalik, M. R. Lovell

and C. D. Schunn

Increasing Student Awareness of and Interest in Engineering as a Career Option through Design-Based Learning



P. Ponsa, B. Amante, J. A. Roman, S. Oliver

M. Daz and J. Vives

Higher Education Challenges: Introduction of Active Methodologies in Engineering Curricula



M. Torchiano and M. Morisio

A Fully Automatic Approach to the Assessment of Programming Assignments



L. Pacheco, N. Luo, I. Ferrer and X. Cufí

Interdisciplinary Knowledge Integration Through an Applied Mobile Robotics Course



C. Veganzones, D. Ramirez, F. Blazquez, M. Blanco,

S. Martinez, J. Rodriguez, C. Platero,

J. A. Sanchez and N. Herrero

New Platform for Experimental Education in Electrical Generation Based on Wind Energy Systems



G. Failla and A. Santini

Bending Problem of Euler-Bernoulli Discontinuous Beams


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