IJEE  Contents Volume 22 number 4



Part I


Special Issue


Trends in Robotics Education


Guest Editor


Gerard McKee


University of Reading












Gerard McKee

Guest editorial



Gerard McKee

The Maturing Discipline of Robotics



Aldo Sartorius,,Luis Santana,Ernesto Rubio,Ivan Santana Ching and Rafael Santonja

Virtual and remote laboratory for robot manipulator control study



Erin Cejka,Chris Rogers and Merredith Portsmore

Kindergarten Robotics: Using Robotics to Motivate Math, Science, and Engineering Literacy in Elementary School.



Bradley Bishop, Jenelle Piepmeier, George Piper and Kenneth Knowles

Low- Cost Robotic Laboratory Exercises and Projects



A.Khamis,F.Rodriguez,R.Barber and M.A.Salichs

An Approach for Building Innovative Educational Environments for Mobile Robotics



Julieta Noguez and L.Enrique Sucar

Intelligent virtual laboratory and project oriented learning for teaching mobile robotics



Igor Verner and Evgeny Korchnoy

Experiential Learning through Designing Robots and Motion Behaviors: A Tiered Approach



Fernando Torres, Francisco Candelas, Santiago Puente,Jorge Pomares, Pablo Gil and Francisco Ortiz

Experiences with virtual Environment and Remote Laboratory for Teaching & Learning Robotics at the University of Alicante



Illah Nourbakhsh, Emily Hamner,Ellen Ayoob,Eric Porter,Brian Dunleavy,Debra Bernstein,Kevin Crowley,Mark Lotter, Skip Shelley,Thomas Hsiu and Daniel Clancey

The Personal Exploration Rover: Educational assessment of a robotic exhibit for informal learning venues



Vincent Wilczynski and Woodie Flowers

FIRST Robotics Competition: University Curriculum Applications of Mobile Robots



Zhihua Qu and Xiaohe Wu

A New Curriculum on Planning and Cooperative Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots



Hakan Temeltas, Metin Gokasan and Seta Bogosyan

Hardware in the Loop Robot Simulators for On- site and Remote Robotics Education



Part II



Contributions in:

Engineering Education Research, Multimedia Applications, Remote Laboratories, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Experimentation, Machine Vision,

Network Management  and Chemical Engineering,


Philip K.McKinley, Betty Cheng,and Juyang Weng

Integrating Multimedia Technology into the Undergraduate Curriculum



Sebastian Maurice and Shelley Lissel

Evaluating Online Testing Technology





Imad Mougharbel,Ali El- Hajj,Hassan Artail and Chadi Riman

Remote Lab Experiments Models: A Comparative Study



Helen Drury,Peter O’Carroll and Tim Langrish

An Online Approach to Teaching Report Writing in Chemical Engineering: Implementation and Evaluation



Chung- Yau Lam and F.H.Alan Koh

A Partial Differential Equation Solver for the Classroom



Wei Lee,Po- Chun Lin and Chun- Kai Tseng

The CD Lens for Optical Engineering




Estimation of Light Speeds Using PC/Windows Networked Computers





R.Joe Stanley,Steve Watkins,Randy H.Moss and Anand Gopal

Traffic Monitoring Using a Three- Dimensional Object Tracking Approach



Ibrahim Raad,Peter Vial, Walid Raad and Keni Popovski

Telecommunications Network Management Applications in an Educational Environment


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